LFI Lightbox 5.2023

July 24, 2023

Introducing the LFI magazine Lightbox segment, on-line for the first time!
The LFI magazine’s popular Lightbox segment presents a selection of the over 1.5 million pictures by more that 40,000 photographers that appear in the LFI Gallery. And it seems like such a pity not to bring this to a broader public. This is why, starting today and updated regularly, an on-line version of Lightbox will be available to bridge the waiting time between magazine issues. Let the wonderful images that our photo editors have brought to light inspire you, and learn what the gallery users have to say about their own pictures. Wishing you lots of fun!

Picture 1: “I took this picture in the mountains of northern – Vietnam during an eight day photography tour. One of my goals was to document the tea harvesting season in this particular region. I am very pleased that this image will open my travel photography exhibition, which will be on display close to Geneva.” – Paul Godefroy

Picture 2: “I captured this picture in a small village in India’s Kutch district. In their quest for self-sufficiency, most of the villagers will keep farm animals. I saw something solemn in the lost and distant expressions of both the woman and goat – it was as if they were contemplating their uncertain futures.” – Ravi Madan

Picture 3: “Having my camera handy is important for me, because I never know what I might find when I step outside. For days, I observed this gateway opposite my apartment in Havana. One morning a cat walked across the lintel and stared at me. It was the perfect photographic moment!” – James Bridges

Picture 4: “I took this picture on my travels to Malaysia while working on my project titled Life on the Water. Pulau Maiga is an island that is home to the sea nomads known as Bajau Laut. They spend their whole lives on houseboats or in houses on stilts, and they are excellent sailors. I waited, standing chest-deep in the water, until this boat came into my composition.” – Kieron Long

Picture 5: “My brother-in-law opened a restaurant in -Miami called Itmae, and in the same move he introduced a specific technique used to dry out the fish. This photograph encapsulates the time and effort necessary to reach this highest echelon of perfection, which is essential to maintaining Itmae’s successful reputation.” – Michael Cedeño

Picture 6: “While travelling in Bhutan, I noticed all the colourful prayer flags. My guide granted me the opportunity to visit a family of farmers involved in the making of these flags. They explained that the flag‘s five colours stand for the pearls of wisdom in Buddhism. To me this image represents a unforgettable moment in time!” – Rudy Mareel

Picture 7: “After climbing to the summit of the Indonesian volcano, Mount Bromo, I was rewarded with a majestic view of Luhur Poten Temple. This is one of the most sacred sites for the Tengger people. As the sun began to rise, the temple magically revealed itself, enveloped by mist and the surrounding mountains.” – Khair Mahfar

Picture 8: “As I was walking through the district of Luolong in Luo-yang, China, I noticed a tea house in a side street. I was able to capture a moment in the lives of these elderly tea lovers inside. In this humble space, regardless of any standard of living, everything can be openly shared.” – Qun Liang

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This story is taken from LFI Magazine 5.2023, where you can find a homage to Czech photographer Jaroslav Kučera and an impressive documentary from the DR Congo by Hugh Kinsella Cunningham. Also in the issue: Dzesika Devic is on the road with her folding bicycle and her Leica M6 in Toronto, David Salcedo introduces us to the Plaça de Catalunia in Barcelona and William Keo reveals all the facets of the banlieue in Beautiful Paradox.


LFI Lightbox 5.2023