How can I take part?

Click on Sign Up and supply your details. An activation email will be sent to the address you provided. Simply click on the link contained in the email to activate your user account. If you haven’t received an email, please check your spam folder. If this is unsuccessful, please contact the site administrator: gallery(at)

Why can’t I log in?

Have you registered successfully and received an email to activate your user account? Please click on the link in the email to activate your account. You didn’t receive the link? Please check your spam folder. If you are still unable to find it, or are experiencing any other problems with logging in, please contact the site administrator: gallery(at)
IMPORTANT: In order to log in, your browser must allow cookies.

I’ve forgotten my password. What now?

Click on the ‘Forget your password?’ button on the login page, and enter the login details and email address you used to register. You will then receive an email that lets you reset your password. If you don’t receive an email, please contact the site administrator: gallery(at)

How can I change my password?

Log in and click first on ‘My Gallery’, then the user symbol in the menu bar – this will allow you to change your password.

How can I change my name/photographer name?

Log in and click first on ‘My Gallery’, then the user symbol in the menu bar – this will allow you to change your name and photographer name.

How can I delete my account?

All you have to do is tell us that you would like to delete your account at gallery(at) Your request will be processed as quickly as possible, and your account will be removed.

How do I upload a picture?

In order to upload a picture, you must be a registered user. Select ‘upload’ in the menu. Now you can either use your mouse to drag & drop up to ten pictures into the designated area, or choose your images using the ‘select your photos’ button. The pictures will then be uploaded. Image files must not be larger than 15 MB. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your picture titles, descriptions and key words. You can simultaneously sort an image into an album and also submit it for the Master Shots. In order to qualify for the Master Shots selection, you must enter some additional information in the description box (see: How do I submit an image for the Leica Master Shots?). If you don't allocate your picture to an album, it will automatically be placed in your private Inbox album.

The upload function isn't working. Why?

Only pictures with a maximum file size of 15 MB will be accepted. Larger files will not successfully upload. Problems can also arise if you’re using a format other than JPG. If this is the case, simply save the image as a JPG and try uploading it again. Should you still experience problems, please contact the site administrator at gallery(at) Also remember to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

What picture format should I use?

Please upload your picture in JPG format only. Avoid using ‘Save for Web’, in order to retain the EXIF file. Please don’t add any watermarks, frames, passe-partouts, name stamps, signatures or other writing to your photographs.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum size for image files is 15 MB.

Can I upload multiple pictures in one go?

Yes, you can upload up to ten photos at a time. Please note that only photos in JPG format are permitted, with a maximum file size of 15 MB.

Do I have to fill in all of the fields in the upload form?

No, you don’t. If you simply upload the photos to your albums, it is entirely up to you whether you add a title, description or camera type – but you should note that adding these specifications will boost your visibility in the community. When applying for the Leica Master Shots, however, you must enter some additional information in the description box (see: ‘How do I submit an image for the Leica Master Shots?’) in order for you picture to be considered.

How do I manage my pictures?

In the LFI.Gallery, your pictures can be sorted into albums, labeled and tagged. To edit your images, you use the pencil icon: in your album’s picture overview, simply move the mouse over the relevant image, and you will see the pencil icon appear near the top-right corner of the picture. This allows you to change the image title, download the picture, delete it, move it into another album, or submit it for the Leica Master Shots. Remember to save your changes when you’re done. Click and hold the arrow-cross icon (displayed in the top-left corner of the image) in order to drag the picture to a different place in the album, or into another album.

How do I delete a picture?

Go to the overview of images in ‘My Albums’. Move the mouse over the relevant picture, and you will see a red X icon on the top edge of the image. Click on the X to remove the image from the album as well as your Inbox. Alternatively, you can delete images in the editing menu (via the pencil icon).

How do I rearrange the order of my pictures?

Select the album whose contents you would like to rearrange. Click and hold the arrow-cross icon (displayed in the top-left corner of the image) in order to drag the picture to a different place in the album, or into another album.

Where can I see my uploaded pictures?

You can see the images you’ve uploaded in ‘My Gallery’. Other users can see your pictures on your photographer’s profile.

What is the Inbox?

The Inbox is your personal section: it is an album that other users of the LFI.Gallery are not able to view. The Inbox contains images you have uploaded, but not yet placed in an album.

How do I create an album?

Go to ‘My Albums’, and click on the ‘Plus’ icon in the album bar to create a new album.

How do I edit my albums?

To edit an album, hover the mouse over the image until a pencil icon appears in the top-right corner of the picture. Click on the pencil icon: you are now able to change the album title and description, add tags (separated by commas), or delete the album. Remember to save your changes when you’re done. Changing the sequence of your albums is currently not possible.

How do I change the cover picture of an album?

The first photograph in your album automatically becomes the album's cover picture. So all you have to do is move the desired picture into this position. Click and hold the arrow-cross icon (displayed in the top-left corner of the image) and simply drag the picture to the first position in your album.

How do I drag a picture into another album?

Click and hold the arrow-cross icon in order to drag an image to a different place in the album, or drag it into another album. Simply hover your mouse over the relevant image until an arrow-cross icon appears in the upper-left corner of the picture. This is where you can ‘grab’ the image (click and hold down the mouse key). You can now drag the image along the album bar, and drop it into the album of your choice. Alternatively, you can use the pencil icon (see ‘How do I manage my pictures?’), which allows you to select an album via a drop-down menu.

Which part of my profile is visible to the public?

Your photographer’s profile and your albums (with the exception of your Inbox) are visible to all visitors of the LFI.Gallery. The Inbox is only visible to you and the site administration.

Where and how can I edit my profile?

Log into the LFI.Gallery and click on the user icon in the top bar. In this section, you can upload a profile picture and change your personal details. Make sure you save your changes when you’re done.

What are the Leica Master Shots?

This section of the website is curated by the picture editors of LFI magazine, and features the best Leica pictures in the LFI.Gallery. This part of the website is dedicated to Leica photographers – meaning that the images featured here must have been taken with a Leica camera body (lenses by other manufacturers are also permitted).

How do I submit a picture for the Leica Master Shots?

Once you are registered as a member of the LFI.Gallery, you are able to upload your images via the ‘Upload’ button. To submit a picture for the Leica Master Shots, you have two options: you can either do so in the course of the uploading process, or you can submit a previously uploaded image with the aid of the pencil icon (see: ‘How do I manage my pictures?’)

If you click on the menu item ‘Submit as Leica Master Shot’, you’ll see a drop-down menu, from which you can select the camera model and lens you used to record the image. In order to be considered for a Leica Master Shot, you must also provide an image title, the location where the picture was taken, as well as any editing software you have used (these details must be entered in the description box). If the EXIF file is missing or incomplete, you must also detail the missing data in the description field. Only images that are submitted with the following information will be considered: 1. location of recording; 2. date of recording; 3. camera; 4. lens; 5. aperture; 6. shutter speed; 7. ISO; 8. editing software. In the case of analogue recordings, listing the aperture and shutter speed is optional.

Once you have submitted your picture, it will be viewed and evaluated by the LFI editorial team – you will receive an email if your picture has been chosen as a Leica Master Shot. Please note that each image can only be put forward for the Master Shots one time.

Will all of my submissions be shown in the Leica Master Shots albums?

Not necessarily, as the albums only contain entries that were selected by our jury. This also means that it may take some time before your image is added to an Master Shots album. You will be notified by email if you picture has been chosen.

How many pictures can I put forward as Leica Master Shots?

There is no limit to how many images can be submitted to the jury. As a rule, however: less is more. If, for example, you submit ten pictures of the same scene, it is very likely that none of them will make it into the selection. If, on the other hand, you consciously hand-pick your absolute gems, you will be recognised as a serious photographer with a clear view of your own work. This will greatly increase your chances at a Master Shot!

What is the Picture of the Week?

Every week, the LFI editorial team selects a favourite image out of all pictures in the gallery. The Picture of the Week does not have to be a recent upload, and can be chosen from a photographer’s album as well as the Leica Master Shots section. Each winning picture will be added to the continuously growing Picture of the Week collection, and will also be on display on the start page of the LFI website for one week. In addition, we present the Picture of the Week on our social media platforms and in the weekly LFI newsletter.

What is the Selection?

The picture editors of Leica Fotografie International curate a daily selection of favourites out of all pictures in the LFI.Gallery. In addition to a presentation of the best single images, the gallery also includes curated areas dedicated to specific genres. Whether it’s Street Photography or Still Life, Landscapes or Sensual Art: every day, the best images are added to the appropriate Selection.

Can I add my pictures into the Selection?

No, because the images that are added to the Selection are chosen by the editorial team.

How do I get my picture into the LFI magazine?

The LFI.Gallery is a fantastic source of inspiration for photography fans – including the editorial staff at LFI. In every issue of LFI, several pictures from the LFI gallery are printed in the magazine’s Lightbox section.

My photo was included in the Selection, but was rejected as a Leica Master Shot. Why?

An image is only awarded either as a Leica Master Shot or as a Selection.

What are Favourites, and where do I find this menu item?

Any picture in the gallery that you have clicked on for a detailed view, can then be added to your compilation of favourites. Simply click on ‘Add to Favourites’. To remove from favourites, simply click on it again. You can view your collection of favourites in the ‘My Gallery’ section.

What is the Leica Filter, and how does it work?

Would you like to study the traits of a specific Leica lens? Or compare the results achieved by two different lenses at open aperture? The Leica Filter allows you to do just that, by allowing you to categorise images in most areas of the LFI.Gallery according to camera model, focal length, lens and aperture.

What is the ‘In Focus’ section?

This section features editors’ recommendations, interesting discoveries and current topics.

What is the ‘Exhibition’ section?

This is where you can see the most recent addition to the curated sections of the gallery: Leica Master Shots, all Selections, and Picture of the Week.

I have a question – who do I contact?

Do you have a general question about the LFI.Gallery? Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for in the Frequently Asked Questions section. If not, please contact the gallery’s editorial team: gallery(at)

How can I use my digital LFI subscription?

As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email containing a temporary subscription code. This enables you to register on the LFI website and access all digital content.

On the website you can read articles form the printed magazine in the section "Print Stories".

The LFI archive with magazines since 1949 is available in the LFI App in the original layout. To access the app use your password and email from the website to log in. You need the newest version of the app (4.0 for iOS).

Within a few days, you will receive your invoice – which also contains your personal subscription number to replace your temporary code.

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