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LFI 04.2024

Jasper Doest: Meet Bob. What can people learn from a flamingo? A serious amount! The nature photographer talks about his unique encounters with Bob 

Théo Giacometti: For whom the Sirens will sing. The Rhône Delta in southern France is suffering from the consequences of climate change. A study of a culture in decline 

Joakim Kocjancic: Bucharest. Discovering a city as an open-air museum of melancholy, accompanying the Swedish photographer – completely analogue and in black and white 

Jonathan Jasberg: Everyday & Anywhere. The photographer discovers the world through his camera. He captures mundane situations in bright colours and succinct images 

Diana Walker: Leica Classic. Thanks to her exclusive access to the White House, the American photographer’s work shows how authentic pictures taken in the world of politics can be

F/STOP: Leica SL3 / Memory Cards

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