LFI Lightbox 8.2023

November 23, 2023

Over 40,000 photographers present more than 1.5 million pictures in our LFI.Gallery. The newest edition of our Lightbox online version includes a friendly neighbourhood, a trip to the past and sudden inspiration. Wishing you lots of fun!
Image 1: "I ended up in an Istanbul neighbourhood, that some people had told me to avoid. I was attracted by the colours of the buildings. Kids started to come out, playing and being curious about me and my camera. I love how life’s street dynamics are teaching me photography through these unique moments." – Andrei Furnea

Image 2: “This photo was taken in Los Angeles at Venice Beach, and to me it reflects modern society. We are all absorbed by our phones and don’t connect with the people around us. At the centre a homeless man is sitting on concrete. He seems plagued by his own mind, oblivious to the people around him as they are to each other.” – Leslie Stevens

Image 3: “Burano is an island with beautiful houses around the residential area. I love the texture of the walls and the atmosphere. I was immediately attracted by the faded pink wall and red Burano-style fire hydrant. The geometry, colour and composition in this picture present Burano to us like a still life – this is a fond reminder of my trip to Venice.” – Adam Wan

Image 4: “When I entered this village in Guizhou, it felt like I had stepped back in time, with the traditional lifestyle and the local elders smoking old-fashioned pipes, dressed in unique clothing. As an individual living in modern society, I was captivated by the scene and took the image as a memento.” – Cheung Chi Yeung

Image 5: “I took this picture at a beach in São Tomé e Príncipe. On an aimless walk with my camera around my neck and an open mind, I came upon this scene: a boy in the foreground, waiting dreamily, while another jumps on a tyre trampoline, relishing in the joy of challenging gravity and flipping his world around.” – Felix Vollmann

Image 6: “While exploring a market in New York, I witnessed someone sitting at a table, intensely drawing something. It was this erupting moment of creativity that captured my imagination. I was taken over by the desire to capture this fleeting instance for posterity’s sake.” – So Kyoung Chul

Image 7: “This photograph is part of a project I’m working on to highlight the youth in Stockholm’s city centre. It was taken during a cultural festival with free activities. A young barber was giving kids free haircuts, and I simply got in front of this young man and captured his thoughtful look.” – Payman Hazheer

Image 8: “Mea Shearim is a very orthodox neighbourhood in the heart of Jerusalem, where photographing is generally frowned upon. After I took this photo for a man who wanted me to capture his wife and children, these four sisters also wanted to pose. I did not expect such cooperation.” – Yarnin Peled

LFI Lightbox 8.2023