LFI Lightbox 3.2024

April 19, 2024

Over 55 000 photographers present more than a million pictures in the LFI.Gallery. This issue includes a storm trooper, red leggings and a busy fish market in Malé.
Image 1: “It was in January when I observed this scene from inside a business in Hanzhou, China. A dog owner and his animal companion sat on a bench together, until the man spontaneously got up and moved outside of my picture's composition. For a moment the dog remained alone in the bright sunlight. I reacted quickly and shot this picture. I especially like the colours and decor visible through the window of the store.” – Xinfeng Hu

Image 2: “This picture means a lot to me, as I had been planning it within the framework of my Stormtrooper series. Lisa, my protagonist, made a 400 km journey to Domburg just so I could take this image. After spending the morning in chilly waters, we treated ourselves to an opulent breakfast!” — Günter Weber
Image 3: “The city of Aranya near Beijing is a place I had not heard of before, with a rather dream-like aesthetic. I had the creeping sensation that the beauty it held was so ephemeral, that this moment between reality and unreality would be lost forever, if I didn't stop to capture it with my camera.”  — Senyi Cheung

Image 4: “While walking the alleyways of Siena, I made this initially curious discovery of a washing line. I later found out that they must have belonged to participants of the Palio di Siena – a horse race that takes place regularly to this day – as red leggings are a part of the traditional outfits they wear.” — Sorin Popovich

Image 5: “I happened to bump into several other people, who were also taking pictures at this colourful bridge in Shanghai. One person had even brought prop items. As this young woman lifted an umbrella that was filled with balloons, I quickly made my move and took this shot!” — Mi Lu

Image 6: “I was in an library when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person who seemed to have their eyes fully fixed on me. As I turned around to look at her, I realized the woman was standing with a book held closely over her face – a perfect illusion! My picture represents the thin line that separates reality from imagination.” — Mehmet Esen

Image 7: “The fish market in Malé is not typical of the Maldives. While most of the country is bathed in a relaxed atmosphere, this place is loud and busy. One morning I found myself discovering the market for the first time, fascinated by a side to this island nation, that I had never seen before.” — Xinyue Yu

Image 8: “At times I like to watch people at the information desk in the Los Angeles Union Station. On one occasion, I observed this woman step up to the counter to ask for directions, and I was immediately reminded of my grandmother. I liked the way her large glasses contrasted with her otherwise slight stature.” — Richard Smith
Pauline Knappschneider

LFI 3.24+-

This Lightbox is taken from LFI magazine 3.2024. In this issue: The four winners of the Leica Women Foto Project Award 2024. Also: Mysterious landscapes and atmospherically-laden motifs by Todd Hido. Patrick Zachmann’s images from Naples in the eighties, testify to the fight against the Mafia. The photographer Zalán Ilyésturns his attention towards children and youths living in Romanian orphanages. The impressive series by Ian Berry presents the most valuable and important resource on the planet – water. In the technology section: Leica SL3, Summilux-M 35 and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. More


LFI Lightbox 3.2024