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Lenny Kravitz

May 27, 2019

Musician, actor, producer, designer – and photographer. In his new exhibition, Drifter, Lenny Kravitz once again shows that he knows his way around a camera. In the video, he is introducing the Leica M Monochrom “Drifter“.
He was introduced to photography as a baby, so to speak: Lenny Kravitz’s father worked as a photojournalist for NBC News, reporting from the Vietnam War. Kravitz started playing around with his father’s Leicaflex when he was still a child. “I was attracted to this instrument. It just looked like something that I wanted to know.” In 2015 he then developed his first camera for Leica – the Correspondent – in honour of his father. The same year also saw the appearance of his first photo book, Flash.

Now Kravitz is introducing his latest design object – the Drifter set, a special edition based on the Leica M Monochrom. In parallel, the Leica Gallery in Wetzlar is presenting an exhibition from the Drifter series. “I am a drifter. I mean, that has been my life since I was 15 years old and left home. I’ve lived this lifestyle, I’m always on the road.”

LFI 4.2019+-

Discover the Leica M Monochrom Drifter designed by Lenny Kravitzand more about the Drifter series in LFI Magazine 4.2019. More

Lenny Kravitz+-

...was born in Brooklyn, New York City, in 1964. The multi-instrumentalist wanted to be a musician since he was a child. Nowadays, his creativity reaches well beyond music. Thanks to his father, he has also been connected to photography since childhood. With Drifter, he is presenting his second large exhibition – starting out at the Leica Gallery in Wetzlar, and then going on tour to other locations around the world. More