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The Circle

Luca Locatelli

February 13, 2024

The photographer's series reveals solutions for the great questions of our times: how can we live in harmony with nature? Can we restore the circular flow that we ourselves have interrupted?
Luca Locatelli has been dealing with the subject of a circular economy for over ten years now. Initially it was more about the technological advances being made to combat the climate crisis, but the covid pandemic introduced him to new perspectives: “I began to get interested in and to research how we can achieve a balance with nature, how we can place it at the centre of the climate crisis, and stop seeing humanity as invincible.”

Locatelli's depiction of the symbiosis between nature and industry is outstanding. He combines the two components with a special aesthetic and visualises the harmony that needs to be achieved. The images often appear as though taken from a Sci-fi movie. In this age of AI, however, his pictures deal with real rather than artificial intelligence. Nearly always accompanied by his Leica SL2 and S3, Locatelli plays with this look, and uses the momentum to draw the viewer's attention to the story behind his photography. He sees himself as a visual activist. “I care about the environment, and I love the power of visuals to communicate solutions.” In this manner, he creates a hopeful vision of the future.
Video © Luca Locatelli/Gallerie d’Italia

The Circle+-

Locatelli's series, The Circle, remains on display until February 18, 2024, at the Gallerie d'Italia's new location, opened in Turin in 2022.

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You can find many images from Luca Locatelli's project in LFI Magazine 1.2024. More

Luca Locatelli+-

© Luca Locatelli

Luca Locatelli was born in Italy in 1971. After studying Information Technology, he worked as a software developer before beginning his career as a documentary photographer in 2006. He has been a photographer for National Geographic since 2015, and has been represented by agencies such as the Institute for Artist Management since 2016. Within the framework of his work as a photographer and film maker, he produces his stories in collaboration with journalists, environmental activists and scientists, to better contextualise his research. Locatelli lives in Milan. More


The Circle

Luca Locatelli