Dzesika Devic

July 27, 2023

For Canadian photographer Dzesika Devic, photography means preserving memories.
“Photography is my ʻjournalʼ. It’s an extension of my thoughts and feelings. It helps me remember the times I spend with my friends and family. More than ever, photography has been a way to connect with others.

This picture from 2019 is about my parents. We always have dinner and sit together well into the evening. At the end of every visit, my parents walk me to the door to say goodbye. They wait till I go outside and get into the car so they can wave goodbye as I drive away. I like this image, because, even though you can’t see what they look like, the way they’re standing, and their posture, tells me exactly who they are.

It was taken with a Leica M6 and slide film. I can’t remember exactly which one.”
Text and image: © Dzesika Devic

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Dzesika Devic+-

atnightweawaken_selfportrait_Eddie Fizor
© Eddie Fizor

The young photographer was born in Ontario, Canada, and currently lives in Toronto. As an autodidact, she works with both analogue and digital photography, depending on the situation and mood. In 2007, she received her first camera and began to take an interest in photographing objects of everyday life, travel and portraits. Her fascination for photography has grown ever since. Her work covers a wide range of subjects and media, but storytelling runs like a thread through it all. More