Behind the Scenes: From Whence We Came

Ava Pellor

April 27, 2023

Photographer Ava Pellor takes a very personal approach when encountering performance artists and other creative talents.
The pictures taken by New York photographer Ava Pellor, are enlivened by the personal connections before the sessions. Some examples can be seen within the framework of her series From Whence We Came which appears in LFI 03/2023. She speaks here about long conversations, surfacing emotions and spontaneous performances.

LFI: When and where was this series created?
Ava Pellor
: I had the idea a long time ago. Then I got the Leica M Monochrom and it was exactly what I needed to express what I was thinking about. It was shot over a period of six months in my little studio, that happens to be a part of the living room.

The atmosphere is crucial for the success of good photos.
I love taking portraits; building a connection with the subject and creating such a vulnerable, yet safe environment for everyone in the room. There are so many emotions you come across when shooting such intimate portraits.

What was the encounter that impressed you the most?
I was working with the performance artist Grace Lees. I made contact with her through a friend, via Instagram. She came and we connected immediately; we talked for six hours. Then we shot for one hour. She was doing a performance directly in front of me. She started to cry because she was thinking of something. I was very touched; it was amazing.
Carla Susanne Erdmann
EQUIPMENT: Leica M Monochrom with Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 Asph

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was born in Elmira, New York in 1999. After a brief time attending Art College in upstate New York, the self-taught photographer decided to make a career of it five years ago, setting herself up as a freelancer in New York City. She has produced photo series for DaWang and for the Mexican fashion designer Jose Gonzalez, for example. Her editorials have been published in magazines such as Paper, Moevir, Goji, Flanelle, Gelatin, Gata and Document Journal.  More


Behind the Scenes: From Whence We Came

Ava Pellor