April 19, 2014

The M8.2 – Emphasising the values of classic M photography
More discretion, more intuitive workflow, more robustness – more M: this is how Leica's marketing campaign for the M8.2 distinguished the new release from the M8.

The camera was available in silver and an entirely black-lacquered finish, including black Leica logo and accessory shoe. However, the term 'discreet' referred less to the M8.2's exterior than to its new shutter: while not quite as fast as that of the M8, it offered audibly reduced noise and vibration.

The M8.2 also featured a Snapshot mode, in which ISO, shutter speed and white balance were selected automatically. This was marked by a red 'S' on the camera's shutter speed dial (in place of the M8's 1/8000s setting).

Released in 2008, the M8.2 was aimed both at seasoned Leica photographers wishing to take M photography to another level, as well as those with less experience, by de-mystifying the famous M series.

Rather than replacing the M8, both cameras were produced simultaneously until the release of the M9 in 2009.