American Colors

March 26, 2014

John Lou Miles' exhibition "American Colors" will be on display at the Leica Gallery Zingst as of March 29, 2014
“Red and sky blue, orange, yellow, green are my colours,” says the 35 year-old John Lou Miles. The endless sunshine in his home state of California reveals these colours in great quantities, day after day. Together with a latent sensitivity found even in the smallest detail, Miles has internalized these colours and made them his aesthetic principle.

Miles is a captivating, ambitious professional with an ironic sense of humour and a sharp eye for the emergence of contrasts, multiple meanings and strangeness in everyday life – in the city as much as in the broad expanses of the American countryside.

“I want to show an idealised version of life, but one that's not too distant from reality,” the photographer explains. After becoming addicted, as he likes to say, to Leica cameras, Miles uses them to achieve the photographic goal he has set himself.

The exhibition at the Leica Gallery Zingst is the American's first exhibition in Germany, and is the outcome of a collaboration with LFI. To find out more, please check out LFI 4/2013.

American Colors