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Giants in Trouble

July 1, 2016

Africa’s elephants are under threat. Alvaro Ybarra documented the rangers’ work. Check out the Big Life Foundation showing how the elephants live in the Ambolesi National Park in the south-west of Kenya, and how the foundation is fighting against the poaching.
Africa’s elephants are under threat: less than 500 000 still roam the savannah – 100 years ago there were ten times as many. The impressive, intelligent animals are victims of poaching by ivory traffickers. With the help of rangers from the Masai tribe, the Big Life Foundation, founded by the photographer Nick Brandt and the environmental activist Richard Bonham, has taken on the challenge of protecting the elephants’ habitat and putting an end to the killing.

LFI 5.2016+-

Alvaro Ybarra Zavalas reportage can be found in LFI 5.2016. More


Giants in Trouble