Bruce Gilden

April 5, 2017

The New York photographer paid another visit to Detroit in 2016, to document the residents who have not left, or can not leave, the city.
Bruce Gilden’s work is inextricably linked to New York City, where he masterfully developed his own particular style of street photography. In his nearly fifty-year career, Gilden has photographed social documentaries in England, Haiti, Ireland, Australia, India, Russia, Japan and Colombia, but he always remained faithful to the streets of the big cities in the USA.

In addition to his home town of New Work, he has recently become fascinated with Detroit, a city that he first visited in 2009 at the high-point of the housing crisis. Gilden is not only impressed by the will to survive of those who have remained living in Motor City, but also feels a close connection to the city for its contribution to popular culture – namely Mowtown Music.

You can see further pictures by Bruce Gilden in LFI 3/2017.

Bruce Gilden+-

Born in Brooklyn in 1946, Gilden found his calling after watching the Michelangelo Antonioni film, Blow Up. He became known for using a flash for his street photography. Gilden has also been working with digital and in colour for a few years now. More