LFI Lightbox 7.2023

October 16, 2023

Over 40,000 photographers present more than 1.5 million pictures in our LFI.Gallery. The newest edition of our Lightbox online version includes glimpses of devotion, fleeting glances and shared joys among other topics.
Image 1: “I heard of an interesting building in an Ecological Park in South Korea, so I decided to go. I wanted to take a picture that distinguished itself from any others. I found a less visited spot and photographed from an unusual perspective; looking straight up. An aeroplane passed by overhead in that precise moment.” – Bong Goo Kang

Image 2: “I took this picture in Mexico City, when I came across a group of nuns on the street. As I raised my camera one of them looked right into my eyes, and I pressed the release button. Though it was over in the blink of an eye, it felt like an exchange of consciousness and curiosity between the subject and myself.” – Patrick Stevens

Image 3: “My photography has been focussing on fashion in Indian communities. This image, taken in Puducherry, belongs to my series titled Our India. I wanted to convey authenticity, as well as a touch of surrealism – like a ‘true dream‘, inspired by fashion, film and documentation.” – Steve Ney

Image 4: “This set, located on a busy Shanghai shopping street, gives tourists the opportunity to get dressed up as gangsters and take a picture. The place used to be quite popular, but the business is suffering under the same economic conditions as the rest of the city. I captured a moment when the owners were immersed in their own worlds.” – Dong Ye

Image 5: “This picture was taken outside a resort in Busan, South Korea. I was impressed by the symmetry of the buildings and the reflection in the water. I waited a long time for the perfect moment to unfold. Finally, two men moving boxes entered my frame and they were able to complete my planned composition!” – Seung Hwan Shin 

Image 6: “The Hacker bridge in Munich is a popular place to get together, and perfectly reflects the rigid thinking of German engineering. What fascinates me about this image is the juxtaposition between the laid-back teens and the severe construction of the bridge. Their averted gaze is a metaphoric rejection of this rigidity.” – Chan Park

Image 7: “A group of boys was enjoying ice cream at a temple in Nepal, with a breathtaking view of the Kathmandu Valley. They were approached by a curious monkey, with whom they promptly shared their treat. This rare moment of sharing that I got to witness made it an especially memorable day for me.” – Jonathan Jasberg

Image 8: “Soho is one of my favourite areas in London to do street photography. The atmosphere and unique characters, exert a magical attraction on me. It was during the winter of 2021 that I was crossing the road in just the right moment, and was able to capture this scene just before the woman disappeared...” – Sam Benari

LFI 7.2023+-

This Lightbox is taken from LFI Magazine 7.2023. In this issue: Let Florian Kolmer take you through Berlin’s scene of long-established bars; follow Devin Yalkin into the world of New York’s illegal boxing clubs, and immerse yourself in Alisa Martynova’s dreamlike portfolio. Also featured: William Daniels’ reportage on the individual and societal effects of statelessness, and an overview of the remarkable life’s work of Leica photographer David Hurn. More


LFI Lightbox 7.2023