LFI Lightbox 2.2024

March 8, 2024

Over 55 000 photographers present more than 1.5 million images in the Leica Gallery. In this issue: a hooped skirt, a smokey outlook, and a pelican gets in the way.
Image 1: „When I was in Baku, I enjoyed the architecture of the Heydar Aliyev Centre. One day, I spent about half an hour look-ing at it from several angles, wondering how I should go about photographing it. Suddenly this woman showed up, so I took several pictures and this is my favourite.“ – Kengo Kimura

Image 2: „I took this photograph in the late afternoon hours in Warsaw. On this otherwise cloudy October day, I noticed the sun was coming out. Just a moment later I spied this man smoking, and I took a picture of him as the smoke obscured his face and the sunlight was hitting him just right. Following that, he and I had a little chat.“ – Michael Murat

Image 3: „During a trip to Florida, I noticed these windows throwing a stained glass-like colourful light on the ground as soon as I arrived at Miami airport. I love a good silhouette, so I began to experiment with different angles, until I finally created this composition which included my own silhouette.“ – Paulo Macedo

Image 4: „During the Vienna Wiesn, I was keen to do some testing of my new Q3. That‘s when I happened upon artist Mat Schuh, whom I‘ve known since the 1990s. I had a feeling that his portrait would make an impact, so I asked him for a picture. To my words “Neither of us are getting any younger”, he responded with this expression.“ – Gilbert Brandl

Image 5: „This picture is a part of a greater series, and was inspired by classic fashion photography. When I‘m working I enjoy the dance between the photographer and model. I rarely try to direct the model and am always looking for unexpected shapes and gestures.“ – Janko Bosch

Image 6: „I was walking through the streets of Hangzhou, when I noticed a shop with this container-front façade. It was being renovated, and the iron cables hanging out of this hole piqued my interest. The red of the container was illuminated by the sun, creating an interesting texture that I found captivating.“ – Xinfeng Hu

Image 7: „I walk often through the Plaza de Luna in Pensacola, Florida. I‘ve always found it to be a highly entertaining way to discover just how comfortable pelicans can feel among the humans, who like to go fishing out here. It was hilarious how this man seemed to be scolding the bird for disturbing his weekend stroll.“ – Todd Cavell

LFI 2.2024+-

This Lightbox is taken from LFI magazine 2.2024. First insights into the Ernst Leitz Museum's major retrospective of Werner Bischof's work. Sacha Goldberger's images encourage to question gender relations. Join Phil Penman on the streets of New York. Also in the issue: Emile Ducke's series Cold shows atrocious impressions from the winter in Ukraine. The technology section is dedicated to Matt Draper's underwater photography and the Leica design philosophy. More


LFI Lightbox 2.2024