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Jasper Doest

May 13, 2024

The Dutch photographer knows that Flamingo Bob is not just a photo motif, but also symbolizes the beauty and diversity of nature.
"If you had told me years ago that a solitary flamingo would emerge as my muse, I would have chuckled at the notion. Yet, here I am today, humbled by the profound impact this majestic bird has had on my perception of the world. In an era where documenting the state of nature and our place within it can feel like a daunting task, the story of this singular flamingo has become a beacon of hope.

Bob embodies a joyous celebration of life and the rich palette of colours that decorate our world. When he enters a room, it's like watching a beautiful painting come to life – he effortlessly captivates everyone's attention, filling the space with an infectious energy. It's truly captivating to see how Bob's mere presence can brighten even the most ordinary moments.

However, if you want to capture this essence you have to invest time. Unlike with human subjects, we can't direct animals to pose. Yet, this limitation reveals the beauty of simply being present and spending quality time with the subject, enough to develop an affection for it yourself. Once you've discovered what captivates you about the bird's behaviour, you highlight those aspects in your photography. It was not too difficult really...it just took some time and love.

Bob has guided me to look beyond the surface, uncovering beauty in the most unexpected corners of existence. In the end, he is more than just a subject in my photographs; he personifies inspiration itself. His flamboyant presence has sparked a deep appreciation for the world around us within me, igniting a creative flame that burns bright.”
Text and Image © Jasper Doest
EQUIPMENT: Leica SL2 with Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90 f/2.8-4 Asph

Horizonte Zingst+-

The environmental photo festival Horizonte Zingst will present Meet Bob as part of a large solo exhibition in the Zingst multimedia hall from June 7 to 16, 2024. Find more information on the website of the festival.

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Jasper Doest+-

© Odette Doest

The Dutch photographer’s visual stories explore the human relationship with nature. He is a contributing photographer for National Geographic who believes in the power of photography to initiate change. Doest is an International League of Conservation Photographers senior fellow and a World Wildlife Fund ambassador. He has received four World Press Photo Awards and in 2023 was named Environmental Photographer of the Year. More


On the Cover Photo

Jasper Doest