Silver Stories

Irene van Nispen Kress

March 26, 2018

With her project Silver stories Irene van Nispen Kress wants to tell an authentic story about aging women. She found out that included not only the dynamism and strength these women have, but also the acceptance of growing vulnerability.
“For this project I was looking for dynamic, open, curious women around the age of 65 or older who where having a busy life doing what ever they like to. My own mother died at the age I have now. I myself was looking for positive role models. That’s the reason why I started this project. I started to work with Anke. She used to be my career coach. Mieke, the eldest, is a teacher who was with me in yoga class and Ellen, a sculptor already was my friend. It truly helped me to hear and watch these women cope with their life during the several years I followed them. We built very intimate relationships with each other to be able to do this project. Elderly women are far more interesting than we give them credit for. We tend to think that they are all alike. But their personalities have matured which makes them far less alike than young people are.”

Irene van Nispen Kress
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After a career working into different fields of media, from being a director at Dutch television to working as a webdesigner, Irene decided to come back to photography, the medium she used to express herself when she was a teenager. Having attended workshops and masterclasses from renown photographers and photo agencies around the world, today she prefers to work on long term social documentary projects. Her work is often complemented with audio files.
Currently she is working on a Silver Stories book. More