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The year 2021 is quickly drawing to an end. While most of us are probably looking forward to 2022 with hope, let’s also take time to look back on some of the memorable moments from the past twelve months. Dozens of blog entries were put together this year; and a number of them stand out and remain firmly anchored in the minds of our editorial team.

Among the political affairs, special jubilee celebrations and inspiring photo series, there was no shortage of important events that had an influence on the world of photography – each in its unique way. We are revisiting some of these contributions, then saying farewell to the old year, and stepping into the new one, full of positive energy.
© Chris Suspect / Blog entry
January. The year begins hectic and surreal: Chris Suspect speaks about his photographic work during the storming of the Capitol in Washington, DC. It is a historic event of exceptional magnitude, and defines the political discourse for weeks, while photos of this bleak afternoon circle the globe.
© Ciril Jazbec / Blog entry
February. Climate change is one of the most urgent subjects currently on the table. Since the beginning of his career, Ciril Jazbec has been documenting the threatening consequences of global warming in various high-altitude and frozen regions of the world. In issue 2/2021 of LFI, we introduce his most recent project dedicated to ice stupas in the Himalayas; in our blog, we ask him about his approach.
March. Without him, Leica cameras would not even exist: Ernst Leitz II, the father of 35mm photography, was born 150 years ago. By the time he died at age 85, 850,000 Leica cameras had already been delivered from the factory in Wetzlar.
© Jindřich Štreit / Blog entry
April. We highlight the classic work of Jindřich Štreit, a virtually unknown advocate of humanist photography. For the first time, a comprehensive selection from the photographer's body of work is available. Village People is our Book of the Month in April, and a few months later  Štreit's work is granted a well-deserved place in the LFI magazine.
© Karine Nowak / Blog entry
May. The Abstract Challenge is one of the many participatory activities designed to inspire the creativity of LFI Gallery users this year. For the editorial team, it is always both a challenge and a great delight to select the most interesting pictures and present them in our blog.
© Cam McLaren / Blog entry
June. “More than ever, photographers are turning their cameras on themselves and their families. The whole situation has changed everything.” In One Picture - One Story, Cameron McLaren muses on the new visual language that has developed in the wake of the pandemic.
© F.C. Gundlach / Blog entry
July. Rest in peace: F.C. Gundlach, one of Germany's greatest fashion photographers, celebrates his 95th birthday; then passes away, just one week later.
© Bruno Morais / Blog entry
August. A very special photographic project, courtesy of Bruno Morais: Gone Missing moves between documentation and fiction; the photographer's powerful imagery gives a face to people who have disappeared in Brazil.
© Kathrin Linkersdorff / Blog entry
September. Why not say it with flowers? Kathrin Linkersdorff reveals just what the Leica S is capable of: taking a playful and experimental approach to her work, she succeeds with a psychedelic experimentation that really comes into its own in printed form.
© Jonas Bendiksen / Blog entry
October. Fake Story, Fake Images: Jonas Bendiksen deceives an entire industry with his deliberately manipulated images. His project puts current photojournalism to the test, and underlines the fact that photo stories should always be looked at with a healthy measure of scepticism.
November. His imagery is unmistakable, and his studies of objects have become icons: in Wetzlar, Ralph Gibson is honoured with the Leica Hall of Fame Award for his life's work, and with a comprehensive exhibition. Congratulations!
December. When photo books start to pile up on the editorial desk, it can only mean one thing: Christmas is just around the corner. As this time the selection is particularly exciting, we decide to present ten short reviews in our blog. We are pleased to see that the medium of books continues to valiantly hold its own.
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