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  • News

    Russian Times


    The exhibition ‘Russian Times 1988–2018’ opened at the DKW Art Museum in Cottbus, Germany, on 18 January 2019. The showcase of works by Frank Gaulitz continues until 31 March 2019

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  • LFI Gallery

    Picture of the Week

    Domenico Tattoli – Man and Cow

    Maramures, Romania;07.04.2018

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  • LFI Shop

    Protektor for Leica M10

    Ideal protection in finest leather

    The protector in supple leather in black, red, or brown provides perfect protection for the Leica M10.

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  • LFI Shop

    Leica Rope Straps

    Sturdy accessory with character

    They have taken mountaineering ropes, and repurposed their rugged-elegance as Leica camera straps for adventurous photographers.

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  • LFI Shop

    Leica colour filters

    Create atmospheric moods

    These specially calculated colour filters are particularly recommended for black-and-white photography with the Leica M Monochrom.

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  • LFI Shop

    Remote cable release for Leica M

    The Leica M remote release for lengthy exposure times.

    The remote release, featuring a conical thread, is screwed into the shutter release bushing. A locking screw allows long time exposures at the B setting.

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  • LFI Blog

    Winter in New York

    Adam Miller

    When winter storms sweep the streets clean, most people make themselves cosy at home in their apartments. This does not apply to Adam Miller: in fact, it is unpleasant weather that draws the photographer out onto the streets of his hometown. Following the premises of classic street photography that are characteristic for this city, he reveals that the most adverse conditions can give rise to the most exciting moments.

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  • LFI Magazine

    LFI 1/2019

    Jürgen Schadeberg – Leica Hall of Fame • Charlotte Schmitz – Cok Güzelim, Cök Güzel • Emile Ducke – The Emperor’s new clothes • Homer Sykes – The Way we were • Edouard Caupeil – On the trail of James Baldwin • Leica D-Lux 7

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  • LFI Special Edition


    Max Pinckers has won the 2018 Leica Oskar Barnack Award for his ‘Red Ink’ series. Mary Gelman’s ‘Svetlana’ series has earned her the Newcomer Award.

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  • S Magazine

    S Magazine 10

    Tom Munro has been working with the Leica S system since its release ten years ago. The S Magazine celebrates this successful relationship with its tenth issue.

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    LFI Annual Subscription

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    Have LFI sent right to your home for a whole year, and get all kinds of information and inspiration surrounding Leica. As a subscriber, you can gradually expand your digital archive by getting each current issue for free via the LFI App.

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  • LFI Info

    LFI Newsletter

    Keep up with the news

    A new magazine, a limited edition book or brand new equipment in our LFI Shop – get all exciting news with the LFI Newsletter.

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  • M Magazine

    M Magazine No. 5

    The tool of choice - the Leica M

    Inside: a ‘best of’ historic pictures by Ernesto Bazan, rousing reportages by Peter Bauza and José Colón, unforgettable images by Fred Mortagne and Giovanni Del Brenna, as well as Claudine Doury. And an essay reviewing the first ten years of the digital Leica M.

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    LFI, M and S Magazine Apps

    Easy and for free

    Just download the app onto your iPad, iPhone or Android Smart Phone for free, to enjoy easy access to the latest news and master class photography.

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