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LFI 05.2024

Edmond Leong: Rasa Sayang. The images captured by the 20-year-young newcomer in the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, express feelings of affection (Rasa Sayang

Henrike Stahl: L’Arc sera parmi les Nuages. The photo artist explored the running of the Château Palmer vineyards. She discovered motifs that make a striking reference to biblical passages 

Nicola Zolin: The infinite Anguish of the Warao. Zolin’s reportage from Manaus reveals life for the displaced Warao community, caught between hardship and dignity, poverty and perseverance 

Teresa Freitas: Between Tint and Shade. An early summer stroll through the French capital: between pastel-tinted fantasy and an eye for the care-free side of everyday life 

Lee Friedlander: Leica Classic. A wonderfully strange sense for form and composition – film director Joel Coen takes a congenial look at the photographer’s oeuvre 

F/STOP: Leica D-Lux 8 / Contact Sheet / Card Readers

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