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    Along the Side

    Bas de Graaf

    Engrossed by Manga comics, Dutch photographer Bas de Graaf was fascinated by Japan, its culture and its trends from a young age. Since then, he has travelled to the country so often that he is planning his own photo book on the country.

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  • LFI Magazine

    LFI 3/2016


    Daniel Etter – In Peril on the Sea • Olivia Arthur & Philipp Ebeling – Bleak Beauty • Maurizio Beucci – Swinging • Mikael
    Wardhana – Sculptural Couture • Patrick
    Zachmann – So long, China • Werner
    Bischof – Humanist with a Camera

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  • LFI Movie


    Maurizio Beucci

    As if yesterday were today: the Lindy Hop has once again become extremely popular, reviving the 1930s together with swing music and retro outfits. Maurizio Beucci picked up his camera and mingled with the dancers.

  • M Magazine

    M Magazine 3

    The tool of choice - the Leica M

    The third issue of the M Magazine comes with more than 200 pages of picture series by Magnum photographer Matt Black, Jacob Aue Sobol, and many others, as well as a Best Of segment of unforgettable images by Leica photographers.

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  • LFI Movie

    M Magazine No. 3

    One thing in common – the Leica M

    A comprehensive compilation of exceptional photography, with one thing in common – the Leica M. With Joseph Michael Lopez, Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, Matt Black, Jacob Aue Sobol, Per-Anders Pettersson, Julia Baier and a best-of surprising M photographs. m-magazine.photography

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  • S Magazine

    S Magazine 7

    Bruce Gilden: American Made

    Bruce Gilden is considered one of the most polarising American photographers. His mercilessly tough and confrontational style of street photography is as famous as it is infamous. With American Made, the S Magazine presents a series showing entirely new facets of his work.

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  • LFI Special Edition


    JH Engström, Wiktoria Wojciechowska

    JH Engström has won the 2015 Leica Oskar Barnack Award for his Tout Va Bien series. Wiktoria Wojciechowska’s Short Flashes series has earned her the Newcomer Award.

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  • LFI Special Edition

    飞越中国 – Chinaflug

    China from a bird's eye view

    The Chinaflug publication presents aerial images taken in the thirties by the pilot and Leica photographer Wulf-Diether Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen, next to current photographs taken by Hans Georg Esch with the Leica S. The publication is in German and Chinese.

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  • S Magazine

    S Magazine 6

    The Badulescu Issue

    When it comes to international beauty and fashion photography, Enrique Badulescu is a first league player. His apparently limitless creativity and his use of a broad and diverse palette of techniques is fully evident in the new S Magazine.

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  • LFI Special Edition

    Leica 10 × 10

    Ten photographers, ten series

    Ten photographers, ten series – with 100 images, the 10 × 10 exhibition celebrates 100 years of Leica. With Dominic Nahr, Julia Baier, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Craig Semetko, Kirill Golovchenko, Amadeo M. Turello, Alec Soth, Jing Huang, Thomas Ruff, Saga Sig.

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    LFI Collections, Covers

    Now also available for 2014

    Get inspired by Leica photographers young and old – get entire collections from 2003 to 2014 at very reasonable cost. Plus: The solid book cover, made of buckram in classic black with silver writing, is perfect for your 2011 – 2014 collection of LFI magazine. NEW: Get your book cover and LFI collection 2014!

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