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    Elegant small camera bag, hand-made from untreated leather

    The Dothebag Mono_07 fits a Leica M and two lenses. A large weather-protection overlap and two small rain flaps protect the interior from dust and damp.

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    Picture of the Week


    Key West, USA; 07.08.2012
    M9; Summicron-M 35mm f/2 Asph
    1/500sec iso160
    Aperture 3, Niksoftware

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    Lars Netopil

    Lars Netopil details the unique collection of cameras, lenses and accessory parts compiled by a Belgian Leica enthusiast – ranging from the Leica 0 series of 1923 all the way to the present day.

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    Field Trip

    Martin Kollar

    Martin Kollar's Field Trip series is the outcome of his many visits to Israel. His images leave the viewer wondering where the border between military and civilian life lies.

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    Gerd Ludwig

    Spectacular and gripping images of the world's biggest nuclear disaster to date and its effect on the people by National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig.

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    Fast+Prime ‘Blow Up’ LFI Edition

    Made from resilient, premium quality saddle leather

    Each 'Blow Up' strap is elaborately hand-crafted down to the last stitch, taking around six hours to complete. The strap can be adjusted in length, and features an adjustable cushioned neck pad.

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    Elegant writing tool with a twist

    As a child, Stefan Lucht was fascinated by his grandfather’s Leica M3. With his company SC. Lucht & Probst, he has now created a high-end pen whose fine details echo the camera's tactility and style.

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    Thomas Hoepker

    His very precise sense of composition and his incredible feeling for the photographic moment make Magnum photographer and Leica Hall of Fame member Thomas Hoepker one of the great representatives of humanistic photo journalism.

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  • LFI Blog

    The Americans

    Marcus Schwier

    Known for his architectural photography, Marcus Schwier proves in his series that he is also able to integrate people into his consciously composed images.

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  • LFI Movie

    All inclusive

    Philipp Spalek

    The Maldives are a holiday paradise where luxury resorts draw thousands of tourists to the beautiful white beaches. Yet the sun, sand and excess are a sharp contrast to poverty and corruption. See Philipp Spalek’s reportage in LFI 8/2014.

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  • LFI Magazine

    LFI 8/2014

    100 years of Leica photography

    Portfolio: Eyes Wide Open! 100 years of Leica photography • Reportage Philipp Spalek: All inclusive • Project: Meet the Leica Meet • Leica World: Rangefinder’s Anatomy / X / D-Lux • Essay D. W. Frazier: Driftless • Leica Classic: Robert Frank

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    LFI, M and S Magazine Apps

    Easy and for free

    Just download the app onto your iPad, iPhone or Android Smart Phone for free, to enjoy easy access to the latest news and master class photography. NEW: M App for Apple and Android!

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  • LFI Blog

    LFI Insight: Eyes Wide Open!

    100 years of Leica photography

    A truly superlative Leica exhibition has opened at the Haus der Photographie at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. Learn more in LFI Blog.

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  • M Magazine

    M Magazine 1/2014

    One thing in common – the Leica M

    A comprehensive compilation of exceptional photography: With Bruce Gilden, Trent Parke, Alex Webb, Jan Grarup, Anton Kusters, Ciril Jazbec and a best-of unforgettable pictures taken by acclaimed Leica photographers.

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  • LFI Special Edition


    Martin Kollar, Alejandro Cegarra

    Martin Kollar • Francesco Anselmi • Ben Brody • Patrick Willocq • Max Cabello Orcasitas • Ilan Godfrey • Alvaro Deprit • Emeric Lhuisset • Alfonso Moral • Alisa Resnik • Alejandro Cegarra

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  • S Magazine

    S Magazine 5

    American Short Stories

    Renowned photographers present the reader with their understanding of what is “typically American”: Francesco Carrozzini, Ilona Szwarc, Enrique Badulescu, and René & Radka give their protagonists free rein in the Wild West, Hollywood, or New York City.

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  • LFI Special Edition

    100 Years of Leica

    All about Leica and its legend

    The brand core: tradition, transformation, innovation • Oskar Barnack's epochal invention • An attic-treasure: The Barnack albums • From Elmar to Apo-Summicron • The Leica M System • The Leica R System • The Leica S System

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  • LFI Special Edition

    Leica 10 × 10

    Ten photographers, ten series

    Ten photographers, ten series – with 100 images, the 10 × 10 exhibition celebrates 100 years of Leica. With Dominic Nahr, Julia Baier, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Craig Semetko, Kirill Golovchenko, Amadeo M. Turello, Alec Soth, Jing Huang, Thomas Ruff, Saga Sig.

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    LFI Annual Subscription

    1 year to your doorstep

    With a yearly subscription to LFI you receive plenty of information and inspiration about Leica eight times a year, and save money in comparison to the individual price. With each new subscription to LFI, you can now choose the first issue of the M Magazine as your reward.

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    LFI Collections, Covers

    2003 – 2013

    Get inspired by Leica photographers young and old – get entire collections from 2003 to 2013 at very reasonable cost. Plus: The solid book cover, made of buckram in classic black with silver writing, is perfect for your 2011 – 2013 collection of LFI magazine.

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    LFI Newsletter

    Keep up with the news

    A new magazine, a limited edition book or brand new equipment in our LFI Shop – get all exciting news with the LFI Newsletter.

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