Analogue and digital black and white photography

    Back to the roots: since the success of colour pictures in books and in the print and electronic media, black and white photography has been freed from the burden of documentation. Nowadays, photographers use it as a stylistic means in art, photojournalism and even advertising. Through the removal of colour, very different images emerge, with results that are often particularly impressive. Especially in the case of portrait photography and reportage, even fifty year-old photos can still look modern today.

    Workshop content:
    What is special about photographing in black and white? What technology do you need? How do you achieve certain effects? What do you need for a photo laboratory in your own cellar? Or isn’t digital black and white photography better? At least more practical?

    In addition to the particularities of seeing in black and white, Knut Gielen uses this workshop to explain the technical foundations, present famous photographers, and give participants practical exercises on how to use their analogue or digital Leica today, to photograph in black and white.

    - Technical foundations: film, developing and laboratory techniques explained in brief
    - The impact of colour filters on black and white photos
    - Ansel Adams’ Zone System
    - Practical exercises: photographing with film, developing film and creating contact sheets for the selection of images

    - Thinking picture composition in black and white
    - Famous photographers
    - Practical exercises: black and white photography with the digital camera, portraits and architecture
    - Development and filter effects with Adobe Lightroom

    About the photographer:
    Knut Gielen has been a photographer in Hamburg since 1987. Initially he worked in advertising, then an a press photographer for Reuters News Agency, and finally as a photojournalist for magazines such as Mare, Stern, Geo, Zeitmagazin, and many more. Participants will discover that Gielen is as curious, open and friendly a photographer in the workshop as he was when travelling the world. He has been teaching photojournalism in Hamburg since 2017, and offers workshops on analogue and digital photography. Of course, even today, he prefers to photograph in black and white.
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    LFI Photographie GmbH
    Springeltwiete 4
    20095 Hamburg

    Individuals are responsible for travel to and from the location. We can inform about reasonably-priced hotels. Lunch snack, coffee and drinks included during the workshop 

    April 21 to 22nd, 2018, 10am to 6pm

    Number of participants: 
    Min. 6 / Max. 10 people

    Fee: 350 euros

    We reserve the right to cancel if there are too few registration or if the instructor is unable to attend, in which case, the fee paid will be fully refunded. In the case of a participant cancelling at short notice, there will be no refund.

    Further information at:, Ref: Knut Gielen
    The deadline for registration is April 7th, 2018
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