LFI Lightbox 1.2024

January 12, 2024

Over 55,000 photographers present more than one million pictures in our LFI.Gallery. The newest edition of our Lightbox online version includes Buddha's Pool, a Tibetan pilgrim, and a friendly fish vendor from Cape Verde.
Image 1: “I captured this photograph in beautiful Georgia. While exploring the city of Kutaisi, I stumbled across a food market and was immediately attracted by the enormous size of the watermelons on display. The orange light and this man in his blue overalls completed the wonderful colour composition.” - Edita Carolan

Image 2: “Jiuhua Mountain is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. When I went to visit the Buddha statue located there, I noticed this golden pool, and I knew that I had to take a photograph right away. Talking to the cleaner, I learned that this area is actually known as Buddha‘s Pool.” - Gordon Wang

Image 3: “This picture was taken in Castro Marina, a village in Puglia, Italy. The facades of the houses surrounding the piazza were freshly renovated after having collapsed in 2009. I visited the village again almost 20 years later, and was initially a little disconcerted. However, the colourful scheme quickly grew on me.” - Daniele Zullino

Image 4:“I took this picture in Cape Verde, on the southern coast of the island of Sal. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, these islands are blessed with a variety of fish species. The woman, who is the star of this photograph, is displaying the fish delivered every morning by the fishermen.” - Waldemar Szmidt

Image 5: “In October 2023, the small town of Hlegu in northern Myanmar, experienced the worst floods seen there in almost 60 years. I joined a team of volunteers, and we provided aid by delivering essential supplies to families in need. I took this photograph on the first sunny day after weeks of constant downpour.” - Daniel Mista

Image 6: “This surreal-looking photograph was taken at the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel. It‘s greatly inspired by the remarkable pictures of Congolese photographer Kiripi Katembo, whose work confuses the boundaries between reality and subjective perception.” - Thibault Gerbaldi

Image 7: “I travelled to Tibet in July, with a clear photographic goal in mind: to document the pilgrims at the gates of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. I wanted to take  interesting portraits of people in the style of Bruce Gilden, getting up close and personal with a flash – and this is one of the resulting images. What an exciting experience!” - Lulu Wu

Image 8: “I came across this lioness in Nairobi National Park. The scene reminded me of the The Lion King movie, and I felt saddened. The signs seem to indicate that the natural habitat she calls home is giving way to a city. The lioness remained completely unperturbed and I took her picture with a prayerfilled heart.” - Jin Valentine

LFI 1.2024+-

This Lightbox is taken from LFI magazine 1.2024. How do we want to live in the future? Luca Locatelli explores this question in his project The Circle. Also in the issue: an impressive visual diary from Peru by Michael Robinson Chávez, poetic moments of the blue hours of the dawn and evening twilight by Joep Hijwegen and a timeless homage to beauty by Paolo Roversi. The Leica Classic section is dedicated to Evelyn Richter, who sensitively documented the reality of life in East Germany. More


LFI Lightbox 1.2024