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Jh Engström: The Swedish photographer has won the 2015 Leica Oskar Barnack Award for his “Tout Va Bien” series.

Fabio Bucciarelli: The creation of the State of South Sudan was to bring an end to the suffering of the population – a deceptive hope.

Anastasia Vlasova: The Ukrainian journalist documents the war being waged in the separatist region to the east of her home country.

Anni Leppälä: Inspired by lyrical works and artistic film direction, Leppälä has created an impressionistic series full of riddles.

Igor Pisuk: Pisuk reflects his daily life and his emotions in self-portraits and studies of nature.

Helge Skodvin: The strange behaviour of animals at the Natural History Museum in the Norwegian town of Bergen.

Bieke Depoorter: A place to spend the night: Depoorter took photographs in the homes of chance acquaintances.

Guillaume Martial: People as a measure of things: Martial placed himself as an integral part of architectural structures.

Danila Tkachenko: The icy legacy of the Soviet Union: a glimpse at the ruins of progress.

Matt Wilson: Wilson’s atmospheric images of the United States reveal that the American Dream has seen better days.

Wiktoria Wojciechowska: Cyclists in the incessant rain: Wojciechowska’s “Short Flashes” series has earned her the Newcomer Award.
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