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Chapter 1: The brand core. Tradition, transformation, innovation: What is behind Leica legend, how does Leica define itself today – and what does it mean for photographers?

Chapter 2: How the Leica came into being – Oskar Barnack’s epochal invention. Ready to shoot 100 years ago, the camera that rang in a new era of imaging culture in 1925: Barnack’s ‘small film camera’

Chapter 3: From the life of the Barnack family. An attic-treasure: previously unknown photos from the estate of Oskar Barnack’s granddaughter.

Chapter 4: Optical excellence: From Elmar to Apo-Summicron. How the art of building Leica lenses developed since the days of Max Berek – the 50 mm lens throughout the years.

Chapter 5: The Leica M-System. The almost timeless Leica rangefinder: The M Leica has fascinated lovers of photography since 1954 – the eptinome of the precision camera, whether digital or film.

Chapter 6: The Leica R-System. An intermezzo: the 35 mm SLR. The R-System once secured Leica’s survival – but lacked the essential features to secure its own.

Chapter 7: The Leica S-System. The S-System: “Let’s take the risk…” How Leica regained the trust of professional photographers – with an extraordinary digital medium format system.
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