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$bold:LFI 1/2012:$ Bruce Gilden, Martin Herrera Soler, V-Lux 3, Depth of Field, Image Creation XII: Picture Layers, Leica and Blackstone.

$bold:LFI 2/2012:$ Alex Webb, Kieran Doherty, Saul Leiter, Travel with M9, Super-Elmar-M 21 mm f/3.4 Asph and Summilux-M 50 mm f/1.4 Asph, Image Creation XIII, Thambar 9 cm f/2.2.

$bold:LFI 3/2012:$ Constantine Manos, Tomás Munita, M System Lenses, Fashion Photography with M9 and Noctilux, Street Photography.

$bold:LFI 4/2012:$ Jacob Aue Sobol, Chien-Chi Chang, M Monochrom, Apo-Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 Asph, Leica X2, Central Shutter, V-Lux 40, S Adapter H, M9-P “Edition Hermès”.

$bold:LFI 5/2012:$ Adriana Zehbrauskas, Werner Bischof, Michael Ruetz, Photo Bags, Summicron 90 mm f/2 from 1951, Panorama Photography.

$bold:LFI 6/2012:$ Jakob Berr, Stefan Bladh, Mobile Image Processing, Street Photography, Image Creation XIV: Night Photography.

$bold:LFI 7/2012:$ Kim Thue, Véronique de Viguerie, Robert McCann, Peer Kugler, Leica M, Leica S and Lenses, D-Lux 6, V-Lux 4, X2 Edition Paul Smith, X à la Carte, Leica Classic: Araki.

$bold:LFI 8/2012:$ Herbie Yamaguchi, Magdalena Solé, Brett Prestidge, Oliver Rüthers, Bjørn Wad, Bendiksen/Hofschulz, V-Lux 4, Upon Paper, Leica Classic: Martine Franck.
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