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LFI 1/2009: Susan S. Bank, Jessica Backhaus, Gisèle Freund, Leica S2, Future of S, M, and R, D-Lux 4 Accessories, Elmar-M 24 mm f/3.8 Asph, Leica M8.2.

LFI 2/2009: Björn Vaughn, Irina Ruppert, Leica S2 – Maestro, System Flash SF, Super-Elmar-M 18 mm f/3.8 Asph, Boza Ivanovic, Viveza, Silver Efex Pro.

LFI 3/2009: Nina Berman, Lies Maculan, SF 58, S-System: Design Insights, D-Lux 4, Inspiring Workshops, M Half Case Series, Super-Elmar-M 18 mm f/3.8 Asph.

LFI 4/2009: Rinze van Brug, Anthony Suau, S-System – Autofocus, M Wedding Photography, Digiscoping with D-Lux 4, Digital Imaging.

LFI 5/2009: Fabian Zapatka, Annibale Greco, Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 Asph, S System – Central Shutter, Wide Angle for Leica M – 16 to 24 mm, Equipment Bags.

LFI 6/2009: OBP 2009: Mikhael Subotzky/Dominic Nahr, Stewart Weir, Digiscoping with D-Lux 4, Enrique Segarra, Infrared Photography, Leica Store Concept.

LFI 7/2009: Joachim Baldauf, Max Scheler, Leica S2, Leica M9, Dmitry Pavlov, Leica X1.

LFI 8/2009: LoÏc Bréard, Stefan Rohner, Leica S2, Competition – 35 mm, Leica M9, Special – 60 Years of Leica Fotografie.
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