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Innovative fashion and beauty photography by Rankin and London's trendy fashion scene! Order both issues 3 and 4 of the S-Magazine here, and save money while you're about it!

The third issue of the S Magazine features, for the first time, pictures taken by just one photographer – Rankin. In these nine series of photos everything revolves around the theme of hair. The London photographer worked with renowned stylists and even let them take on the staging of the respective series. What’s more, this issue of the S Magazine is celebrating another première: all Rankin’s pictures were taken with the new Leica S.

Under the patronage of Rankin, the fourth issue of the S Magazine presents newcomer talent from London, the undisputed capital of innovative fashion design! Eight young photographers selected by Rankin, 9 young top designers chosen by Kim Howells and paired with new faces handpicked by renowned Elite London Modelling Agency. These brilliant newcomers have exceeded all expectations! S Magazine No. 4 offers lots of space for ideas: its originality and free-spirited passion is truly captivating.
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