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Foreword – Karin Rehn-Kaufmann

Looking back – 40 years of LOBA – Ulrich Rüter

All Winners 1980–2020

Winner 2020 – Luca Locatelli: What makes survival on our planet possible? What
role will research and technology play in solving the enormous future tasks? Aspects that will help answer these questions are visualized in the series Future Studies by the Italian photographer, who opens up an intense debate about our relationship with nature and technology.

All Newcomers 2009–2020

Newcomer 2020 – Gonçalo Fonseca: The Portuguese photographer’s series New Lisbon deals with the dramatic housing situation currently affecting Lisbon and, based on individual stories, reveals the consequences of advancing gentrification. As a result of exploding property prices in the capital, over 10 000 tenants have already lost their homes.

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