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Interview with Chris Boot

Scarlett Coten: The French photographer wins the 2016 Leica Oskar Barnack Award for her Mectoub series, which covers four years work. Scarlett Coten is well versed with the Arab world, which she has been exploring repeatedly in long-term photographic projects since graduating from the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles.

Max Pinckers: During a two-month stay in the Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo, the Brussels-born photographer, Max Pinckers, explored his perspective of what it is to be Japanese. A journey through the subtle and the obvious.

Sadegh Souri: Sadegh Souri managed to photograph young, female delinquents in an Iranian prison. Some of them have received the death sentence, for murder, drug possession or armed robbery. The sentence can only be carried out when they have turned 18 – a concession to international public opinion.

Stéphane Lavoué: The fact that the biggest surprises await you when you follow the path less known, was one that the French photographer (*1979) was able to confirm after discovering the North East Kingdom of Vermont. The outcome is a series that paints an impressive portrait of both the landscape and the people living there.

William Daniels: The Central African Republic is often overlooked, unless a bloody conflict has erupted once again. The French photographer, William Daniels, chooses to travel there at those times when public interest has waned, to carefully look around following the last civil war – and probably before the next one.

Giulio Piscitelli: In November 2015, the Italian photographer Giulio Piscitelli visited one of the largest refugee camps in Europe. Taken in the Calais Jungle, his Informal Facilities in the Jungle series metaphorically documents the passage from a temporary to a permanent crisis.

Vincent Delbrouck: Painting is a central source of inspiration for the photo artist, who was born in Brussels in 1975. Just like a painter adds colour and form to the canvas layer by layer, Vincent Delbrouck brings fragments of intuitive photographic experience into new compositions inspired by correspondences between colour and form.

Fulvio Bugani: Following his first trip to Cuba, the Italian photographer Fulvio Bugani (*1974) has made the Caribbean island his second home. Fascinated by the people and their lifestyle, Bugani use photography to try and fathom the Cuban soul. The complex images in his series reveal shadows and celebrate light.

Esther Teichmann: Autobiographic and fictional elements complement each other in Esther Teichmann’s (*1980) photographic work, creating a sensual reflection on home-sickness and the loss of the primordial. Inspired by 19th century painting, the artist allows space for a melancholic dream world to manifest in her carefully composed pictures.

Guillaume Herbaut: Ukraine has suffered from political unease since its independence in 1991. At the end of 2013, things came to a head: the Maidan uprising, the Crimean crisis and the war over the Donbass. Guillaume Herbaut (born in Paris in 1970) has travelled to Ukraine a dozen times since 2014, portraying a country torn apart, with pictures that go far beyond a simple review of the situation.

Juan Pablo Bellandi: Juan Pablo Bellandi (*1990) spent ten months accompanying the police during their life-threatening operations in his home town of Mérida. With this personal project, the Venezuelan photographer wants to show how criminality and violence define the daily life of his compatriots.

Clémentine Schneidermann: The French photographer has nurtured a relationship with Wales for many years. She has been living in Abertillery since 2015 after getting her Master’s in Documentary Photography. This is where she produced the awardwinning series that intrinsically combines documentary, portrait and fashion photography.

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148 pp, 96 photographs, text in German or English
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