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75 Years Magnum: Women in the Agency. On the occasion of the agency’s jubilee, LFI takes a look at some of its female members, and reveals unforgettable, groundbreaking images

Lucas Barioulet: A Gateway to the World. Women’s football in Mauritania? Absolutely! Lucas Barioulet accompanied the courageous women forging their way towards emancipation

Ruediger Glatz: Reflecting Pasolini. From costumes used in his films all the way to personal mementoes: a tribute to the Italian film director and artist Pier Paolo Pasolini

Jan von Holleben: Sugar wow! Sugary sweet: the photographer converted his studio into a land of milk and honey, and created colourful still lifes out of masses of candies

Jim Marshall: The Rolling Stones 1972. Touring with legends: The Stones and Jim Marshall – a photography rock star in his own right – met at the high point of their creativity

F/STOP: 40th Leitz Photographica Auction / Leica and Xiaomi / Club Nagoya
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