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Ian Berry: Leica Classic. He cleverly combined social documentation with psychological intensity: exploring the work of the British Magnum photographer

Jeanne Taris: Les Gitans de Perpignan. Of clichés and unadorned reality: rare glimpses into the world of the Roma living in Perpignan’s city centre

Armin Smailovic: Beyond the Spotlight. What comes, what remains? Sensitive portraits of acting students about to launch themselves into professional careers

Sayuri Ichida: Mayu. A Japanese ballerina in New York captured by a Japanese photographer: musings on homeland, alienation and the beauty of dance

Clément Paradis: Ken. Full of pride and determination: young sumo wrestlers photographed for a long-term project in contrast-rich black and white

F/STOP: Apo-Summicron-SL 50 f/2 Asph | Interview Stefan Daniel | Leica Compacts
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