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S Magazine: No Corset. A fairytale set in the Wild West: Ellen von Unwerth photographed a classy cast in a wickedly erotic series for the S Magazine.

Leica Classics: Midst of Life. His work is part of the large Leica exhibition at Photokina. How the German Kurt Hübschmann became the Brit Kurt Hutton.

Portfolio: Faces of a Country. With a large team and portable studio, photographer Jens Umbach portrayed Afghan people in Masar-e Sharif. A different kind of war reportage.

Portfolio: Go West! Sweat, suntan lotion and a flash: Sarah Lee photographed sun worshippers on the beaches of California. A Brit on the trail of the American Way of Life.

Leica World: 10 Years of digital M. A lot has happened since the introduction of the M8 in 2006: Constantine Manos, Ram Shergill, Darcy Padilla, Alex Webb and David Alan Harvey comment on working with the digital M.

Leica World: 50 Years of Noctilux. 50 years ago, Leica introduced their first lens with aspheric surfaces – the Noctilux 50 mm f/1.2. A homage to the original speed giant.

Leica World: Leica Sofort. The Leica Sofort is the surprise at this year’s Photokina. The name defines the first instant camera from Wetzlar.

Reportage: Open Range. Like generations of photographers before him, John Langmore documented the life of the American cowboy. Impressions of a lifestyle that still endures.

Readers’ Gallery: Music Photo Contest. A song in seven pictures: the Edel AG and LFI Music Photo Contest. We present the editors’ three favourites.
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