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Talking with: Micha Schwing, Getty Image’s Senior Manager Content Strategy in London

Portfolio: Mission Music. Strength through music: all children in Venezuela have the opportunity to learn an instrument. Impressive images of the largest music movement in the world.

Reportage: Playing Off Side. False promises draw young Nigerians to Istanbul. But, instead of a career in professional football, they have to make do with dull jobs and aimless training

Feature: Ten Years Later. In 2003 Bruno Stevens documented the confusion of war in Iraq. A decade later he returned in search of the same protagonists and locations.

Leica World: Italian Flag Phenomenon 2. The infamous ‘Italian Flag Phenomenon’ affects both M9 and M users. We look at the reasons for these colour shifts and what can be done about them.

Leica World: S-Lenses. With the Elmarit-S 45mm f/2.8 Asph, Leica has at last also introduced a classic 35mm focal length for its medium-format camera system.

Theme: Clear the Ring! Dizzying heights and sandy circus rings: Marcus Reichmann visited a family circus – putting the X Vario through its paces.

Reportage: No Man’s Land. No country in the world acknowledges Transnistria as a sovereign state. Even so, it has a government, its own money and its own passports. A journey of exploration.

Leica Classics: Reporter and Humanist. Commitment and empathy define Thomas Hoepker’s work. A portrait of the famous photo journalist who considers himself a ‘manufacturer of pictures’.
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