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Vorwort – Karin Rehn-Kaufmann

Interview mit Alessia Glaviano

Gewinnerin 2022: Kiana Hayeri: Promises Written on the Ice, Left in the Sun

Lynsey Addario: Women on the Frontline of Climate Change

Irene Barlian: Land of the Sea

Alessandro Cinque: Peru – a Toxic State

DOCKS Collective: The Flood in Western Germany

Nanna Heitmann: Protectors of Congo’s Peatland

M’hammed Kilito: Before It’s Gone

Léonard Pongo: Primordial Earth

Victoria Razo: Haitian Migration Crisis

Felipe Romero Beltrán: Bravo

Rafael Vilela: Forest Ruins: Indigenous Way of Life and Environmental Crisis in the Americas’ Largest City

Newcomer 2022: Valentin Goppel: Between the Years

Preisträger und Shortlist 2022

Preisträger 1980 – 2021

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