The Journey
    LFI Workshop with Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol
    on May 28 and 29, 2016, 10 am to 6pm

    The photographer Jacob Aue Sobol has been travelling, riding the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia, Mongolia and China, and driving a car from a small Danish village to Moscow. It is not the places he is drawn to but rather the encounters with strangers with whom he shares a brief moment of closeness before continuing on his journey. bevor sie sich auf der weiten Reise wieder verlieren.

    About the workshop
    Our pictures are an on-going study of our relationship to the world, and the camera is the instrument with which we try and understand our surroundings and our place in the world.

    With discussions on previous works and a current assignment, this workshop will be a place for new encounters as well as a journey to one's own self. It is a study of the undefined emotional states that control us, but that also inspire and push us forward. The aim of the workshop is to take pictures that create a visual connection to each of the characters. With their intimate, human and present nature, the images should invite the viewer to take a look at his/her own existence, as well as his/her surroundings. The workshop will also explain how to intuitively edit one's work.

    Participants will received details of the assignment and things to prepare by email in good time.

    About the photographer
    Born in Denmark in 1976, Jacob Aue Sobol studied at the European Film College and at Fatamorgana, the Danish College for Documentary and Artistic Photography. He was an exchange student in Canada, lives as a fisherman and hunter in Greenland, and spentd one and a half years in Tokyo, where he produced his I, Tokyo photo book, which earned him the Leica European Publishers Award in 2008. In collaboration with Leica, Sobol began his Arrivals and Departures project – a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing. Aue Sobol currently lives and works in Copenhagen and is a member of the Magnum Agency. He is also represented by galleries in New York, Madrid and Paris.
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