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Samsung EVO Plus 32 GB SDHC

Secure yourself a particularly robust and dependable Samsung SDHC storage card. It's the perfect accessory for extreme photography tours.


Waterproof and dust resistant:
The card is waterproof: even after up to 72 hours in sea water, the data on the Samsung SD Card will not be damaged.

Particularly shock resistant:
It can endure high pressure, even if a 1.9 ton vehicle drives over it.

Magnet protection:
Resistant to magnets and X-rays: the storage card protects your valuable data from damage caused by the X-ray scanners at airports. In addition it can resist magnetic waves of up to 15,000 Gauss – which equates to the value of an MRT/Magnetic Resonance Tomography.

Quick data transfer:
The Samsung SD Card EVO Plus belongs to speed class 10, resulting in a reading speed of up to 80 MB per second and a writing speed of up to 20 MB per second. This makes it ideal for the storing of photos as well as the recording and reproduction of videos in full HD quality.  

Technical Details:
Article name: 32 GB SDHC Class 10 EVO Plus
Dimensions: 2.1mm x 24mm x 32mm
Weight: 2g
Storage capacity: 32GB
Speed: 80 MB/s (reading), up to 20 MB/s (writing)
Special features: impact resistant, with magnet protection, water and dust proof, switch for data protection
Product type: SDHC storage card
Interface: UHS-1, compatible with HS interface
Temperature operation range: -25°C to 85°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C

Delivery only as long as stocks are available. Please check if your camera works with SDHC standard cards. You can find all the technical data for Leica cameras here:

S Magazine Lookbook

The first S Magazine Lookbook is a compendium of 20 high-end portfolios reflecting the remarkable versatility of S photography.


World-class photographers have already demonstrated their expertise in working with a Leica for the printed edition of the S Magazine, or for a Digital Feature on the medium’s internet page. With this ninth issue, the S Magazine is introducing another format: a showcase of professional and modern Leica photography. For the first time, the S Magazine is presenting a Lookbook where twenty high-end portfolios reveal the platform’s great diversity. Renowned photographers and up-and-coming new talent unleash their full potential in this style-defining magazine – free of any restraints and without specific requirements. All the work and complementary films were produced with the professional Leica S-System and SL-System.

Photographers in this issue are Enrique Badulescu, Joachim Baldauf, Aglaja Brix & Florian Maas, Bil Brown, Arved Colvin-Smith, Anna Daki, Rui Faria, Christian Geisselmann, Esther Haase, Marie Hochhaus, Benjamin Kaufmann, James Meakin, Monica Menez, Hector Perez, Elizaveta Porodina, René & Radka, Christian Rinke, Tristan Rösler, Takahito Sasaki and Special Guest Ellen von Unwerth.

More: S Magazine No. 9

S Magazine No. 8

Get ready for the story of a girl gang in the pursuit of happiness in the Wild West.


The eighth edition of S Magazine is 200 pages of fireworks – romantic, wild, sensual, life-affirming, mysterious and vivid photographs all unmistakably captured by Ellen von Unwerth and produced with the Leica S.

More: S Magazine No. 8

S Magazine No. 7

Bruce Gilden is considered one of the most polarising American photographers. His mercilessly tough and confrontational style of street photography is as famous as it is infamous.


With American Made, the S Magazine presents a series created exclusively with the Leica S, showing entirely new facets of his work: never before has Gilden worked in colour, and never has he come so close to his subjects.

More: S Magazine No. 7

S Magazine No. 6

When it comes to international beauty and fashion photography, Enrique Badulescu is a first league player.


His apparently limitless creativity and his use of a broad and diverse palette of techniques is fully evident in the new S Magazine. The issue also includes eight interviews with the creative team.

More: S Magazine No. 6

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