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Leitz Phone 2


With the imaging power smartphone Leica Camera sets another milestone in the company’s 100-year plus history and once again underlines its constant pursuit of the highest quality technical innovations.

Created for photo enthusiasts, and for all those who want to become one: the Leitz Phone 2 developed by Leica combines uncompromising quality and outstanding optics, iconic aluminum design and innovative photo functions. A smartphone reduced to the essentials, so that users can fully concentrate on what matters when taking pictures: Capturing personal moments in the best image quality.

The Leitz Phone 2 harnesses Leica’s outstanding optical performance and image software prowess. A massive 1-inch 47.2 MP CMOS image sensor works hand-in-hand with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ SM8450 processor to activate different sensor modes depending on the scene and environment.

With its focal length of 19 mm, the lens offers breathtaking perspectives and plenty of freedom in image composition. With its aperture of 1.9, the Leitz Phone 2 achieves images with a high dynamic range and low image noise – even in low ambient light. And its 6x digital zoom and the 8x continuously adjustable digital zoom of the selfie camera make the Leitz Phone 2’s range of uses just as versatile and flexible as the moments users capture with it.

Further, the proprietary software engine of the Leitz Phone 2 brings the typical “Leica look” to smartphone photography. It creates Leitz looks based on the three iconic M lenses: The Summilux 28 for imposing shots taken in the centre of action; the Summilux 35 for everyday and street art photography; and the Noctilux 50, which is ideal for portraits with its extremely high aperture of 1.2, capturing shots with an unmistakable Leica bokeh.

LFI and Golden Hour widgets
Leica also developed the Golden Hour widget exclusively for the Leitz Phone 2 to display the golden hour times after sunrise and before sunset when the warm light is perfect for taking spectacular photos.

The LFI widget, also designed specifically for the Leitz Phone 2, continuously presents Master Shots and Selections from the LFI.Gallery – the curated platform for Leica photographers worldwide.

The 6.6-inch OLED display made of Gorilla Glass is extremely robust and adaptable. Because every pixel adapts to the image during playback. It works without backlighting and reproduces the purest white, deepest black and all the facets in between incredibly contrasty and brilliant – even in bright daylight. With the strong refresh rate, users will experience content absolutely smoothly and completely without judder.

The white limited edition of the Leica M8 camera inspired the body of this new model, which exemplifies Leica’s passion for concentrating on the essentials through a uniquely functional beauty and feel. In keeping with the Leica design philosophy, the fine engravings on the edge of the aluminum frame augment add refinement and functionality to the technical precision of this new model.

The Leitz Phone 2 will become available on November 18, 2023 exclusively in Japan.

For further information please visit: Leica Camera

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