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    M Magazine 04/2016

    • Lightbox: Coco Chanel acknowledged that “fashion is ephemeral, while style is eternal”. This also applies to the eight pictures focussing on the theme of style that have made it into our lightbox. From the sixties till today, the protagonists in the photos have lost none of their fascination; so it is fair to say that “good style will always prevail” in pictures too.

      Patrick Zachmann: In Search of Himself. Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann has spent the last forty years exploring the memories and questions of identity that have plagued him. His pictures recognize that a person gets to know himself better through his encounters with other people. Striking a path through known and unknown territory, Zachmann’s steps are guided by the search for universality.

      Julien Mignot: Les Invisibles. There are many beautiful faces on parade at the Cannes Film Festival. However, once they have floated down the red carpet, the remaining impressions start to fade away. Julien Mignot photographed these faces and Camille Rousseau illustrated his pictures. Her filigree lines in the ‘Les Invisibles’ series, emphasize the gentle character of the images, revealing the hidden, virtually imperceptible aura of those portrayed.

      Corentin Fohlen: Enduring Images. Corentin Fohlen travelled to Chad on assignment for the UN Refugee Agency to capture images of the situation of the civil war refugees. His photographic reportage leads viewers to an awareness beyond the brief transience of an event – beyond the fixed and finite moment. The French photographer believes that powerful images “make up the world’s memory.”

      Tomas van Houtryve: Overshadowed by the Mine. A city in danger of disappearing. High in the Andes mountains, a mine that once supplied the Spanish Crown with silver is now poisoning the 70 000 inhabitants of Cerro de Pasco, eating away at the very earth beneath their feet. Tomas van Houtryve photographed the extent of the catastrophe: a look at a town whose existence will soon be little more than a memory captured in pictures.

      Cédric Gerbehaye: D’entre eux. What is Belgium all about and what makes the country unique? How do its people go about their daily lives? Cédric Gerbehaye’s series reveals a deep understanding and insight into his homeland. The Belgian photographer has captured fleeting moments in a country defined by political, societal and economic challenges; and at the same time, his pictures emphasize a great sensibility and care for his fellow countrymen.

      Ram Shergill: Timeless Beauty. Pictures valued for their rarity: Ram Shergill and his pictures encompass an area that is often closed to 35mm cameras – the world of studio fashion. Having grown up in the time before the internet, and even though he makes full use of the potential of digitalization, his pictures remain defined by the aesthetics of analogue photography. They are imbued with an inner calm that occurs only when there are no distractions.

      Photographers: An overview of all M Magazine photographers.

      More to come soon: www.m-magazine.photography
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