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Portfolio: Inside and outside, private and public: Franziska Stünkel is a master at transforming reflections into compositions with both depth and superficiality.

Reportage: Legal Toxin. Soy bean plantations promise Argentinian farmers high returns; however, gene manipulated seeds need aggressive pesticides – with fatal consequences.

Project: Neighbours. The orangutans of Borneo are an endangered species. A rehabilitation centre takes care of orphaned primates – wildlife photography with an M8.

Leica World: M&M Colours. Is there a definition for ‘Leica colours’? Why both the M9 and the M (Typ 240) have their own particular nuances.

Leica World: Leica T. The Leica T goes online! The necessary iPhone App is now available.

Leica World: New S lens. With the new portrait-tele Summicron-S 100 mm f/2 Asph, Leica is closing up one of the few gaps in the palette of S lenses.

My Lens: The Summarit-S 70 mm f/2.5 Asph can not be considered a classic portrait focal length. Joachim Baldauf sees things differently.

Reportage: War or Peace? Daily life in the middle of a state of crisis: Ukraine has been caught between protests, uprisings and desires for autonomy since last February.

Leica Classics: This Charming Lens. “Most of the time I just had outrageous luck”: Robert Lebeck’s humble statement has become legendary. A homage to the great, recently deceased, photographer.
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