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Talking With: Julien Frydman, director of Paris Photo

Portfolio: Grey Zone. Mediterranean, melancholic and monochrome – Belgian photographer Cédric Gerbehaye spent a winter in the southern French town of Sète.

Reportage: Libya’s deserted borders. They fight for justice and a better Libya: 138 young men from a non-Arab minority group try to secure the country’s very extensive southern border.

Project: Tidal Interplay. The Wadden Sea from a bird’s-eye view: Jürgen Wettke photographed this unique landscape from up in the air – the abstract art of naturet.

Feature: French Kiss. An American in Paris: the French metropolis has become Peter Turnley’s second home. A homage to the City of Love.

Leica World: Leica M9/M. The so-called ‘Italian Flag Phenomenon’ also affects M9 and M users. We talk about the reasons for the complementary colour displacement and what Leica are doing about it.

Leica World: Print + Paper 2. The perfect interplay: optimum combinations and the selection of printers, colours and photo papers.

Reportage: Crime and Penance. What do criminals need so as to change? On the island of Bastøy, one of the most liberal prisons in the world, inmates live in something very close to freedom.

Leica Classics: A Master of Portraiture. Her portraits of authors made her famous, though she also loved to do reportage: Gisèle Freund (1908–2000) – the Grande Dame of photography.
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