Konstantin Odin

July 19, 2022

"We were able to create a photo series that celebrates a powerful new creation full of joie de vivre."
“In 2021, within the framework of a test photo shoot, I was visited by an impressive young person. Sent by the modelling agency as a new face, I quickly got to know a person who left me, in addition to fantastic photos, curious and full of questions. Shortly after our first shoot, Gialu outed themselves as non-binary.

Fortunately, despite lockdowns and changing addresses, we remained in contact. And so I was able to follow the journey to Gialu's true I. Gialu uses the pronouns they/he, which I'll now apply as well.

Throughout their lives, many people ask themselves who they really are. Those who can answer the question for themselves often experience a radical change to their lives. Especially when the answer to that question doesn't necessarily fit into the expectations of society.

It was no different with Gialu.

I had the honour of being the first person to photograph Gialu in the atelier after his mastectomy. I couldn't have imagined a more intense transformation. The self-confidence and security they conveyed was overwhelming; the newly acquired strength was impressive and, above all, inspiring.

The scars were fresh, the mood good, the sun friendly: we were able to create a photo series that celebrates a powerful new creation full of joie de vivre. In the process, the massive strength and immense self-confidence coming from Gialu was impressing and inspiring. Each picture came out better than the previous one: And we produced a wonderful character-portrait of a young person, who, against all odds, has found they way of life.

Gialu now lives in Berlin and fights on all fronts for the visibility and rights of trans* people.”
Text and picture: © Konstantin Odin
EQUIPMENT: Leica Q2 Monochrom, Summilux 1:1.7/28 Asph

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© Konstantin Odin
© Konstantin Odin

Konstantin Odin is an artist who communicates through the medium of photography. In his work he deals with the topics of character, identity and the creation of individual worlds. The heart of his photography is the visualisation of emotions and character traits using light and shadows, while abstract and intense philosophical concepts form the backbone of his images. He works from his atelier in Hamburg. And he loves cats. More