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    LFI Magazine 07/2014

    • Photo Scene: M Magazine – the first issue. 60 Years of Leica M photography! The M Magazine celebrates the legendary camera with great pictures taken by renowned photographers.

      Portfolio: Poetry of the Moment. His sensitivity and speed made him the precursor of street photography. Joel Meyerowitz. A comprehensive retrospective.

      Portfolio: Eye Contact. Jazz trumpet player Till Brönner takes portrait photos of colleagues, friends and celebrities. Black and white images taken up close.

      Project: Rose-tinted Heimat. It is the largest folk festival in the world and draws more than just tourists to the Theresienwiese: the Oktoberfest in Munich. Pictures with a local flavour.

      Leica World: LEICA M SYSTEM. Between tradition and innovation: three new cameras for the 60th anniversary of the M system.

      Leica World: SUMMARIT-M. Next Generation: Leica introduce the completely re-designed Summarit-M lens quartet.

      Leica World: LEICA S SYSTEM. The new S will be launched in early 2015. The existing model will continue as the Leica S-E.

      Leica World: LEICA X. Now with the extremely light sensitive Summilux 23 mm f/1.7 Asph.

      Leica World: LEICA T. A wide angle and tele zoom have been added to the family of T lenses.

      Leica World: LEICA V-LUX. Upgrade in Compact Class I: the V-Lux now with one-inch sensor.

      Leica World: LEICA D-LUX. Upgrade in Compact Class II: the D-Lux now with Four Thirds sensor.

      Leica World: LFI GALERY. Sleeker, better, faster: the LFI Gallery is being relaunched.

      Reportage: Dream Girls. For transgender women in Istanbul, the longing for a normal life is a daily battle. Giulio Rimondi reveals a life between fulfilment and recognition.

      Leica Classics: Jürgen Schadeberg. No one documented the anti-Apartheid movement more hauntingly than Jürgen Schadeberg. A homage to the ‘father of South African photography’.
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