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Talking With: Azu Nwagbogu, founder and director of Lagos Photo Festival, strives to change the Western view of Africa.

Portfolio: Heirs of Manas. A foreign world on the periphery of Western awareness: Magnum photographer Jean Gaumy explores Kyrgyzstan with the Leica M.

Reportage: Christ Seeks a Home. Many members of Palestine’s ancient Christian communities are emigrating – Andy Spyra and Christian H. Meier report.

Leica-World: Two LFI editors have put Leica’s new flagship camera to the test, and were extremely pleased with the results, both in terms of functionality as well as image quality.

Project: A cheerful interplay of colour and form, back and foreground: Werner Mansholt spends a week in Tiflis with his M9.

Scenes on Set: Coincidence led Brigitte Lacombe to a career as a set-photographer – director Martin Scorsese never shoots a film without her.

Reportage: Down on the Farm. What could lead a young couple to trade their apartment in the city for life on a farm? A long term photography project by Marcus Reichmann.

Leica Classic: Stefan Kruckenhauser: the small-format pioneer and developer of modern skiing techniques has changed our understanding of alpine landscape photography.
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