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Taras Bychko offers clear proof of the fact that there is no need to travel far to capture touching images. He documents everyday moments in the lives of his children, with a great sense for composition and aesthetics. Taking seemingly casual experiences within his own four walls, he gradually builds up an analogue and visual diary full of everlasting memories.

How did you get into photography in general, and Leica photography specifically?
Taras Bychko: Just accidentally. I bought my first camera after the birth of my eldest son and was completely fascinated by photography; but I was working as a lawyer in a large company, so I didn’t have time for taking pictures. When the opportunity arose, I studied the history of photography.
After 2 years of teaching myself, I started shooting my first project, which I did in the street photography genre. I also began paying attention to the "scenes" in my family's daily life.
I started shooting with a Leica when I became interested in analogue photography. My first analogue camera was a Leica Minilux Zoom. I used it to shoot many of the pictures for my 2ROOMS project. Later I bought a Leica M6 TTL, which remains my main tool today.

How would you describe your project? What do you hope to evoke in the viewer?
With this project, I’m documenting the life of my family. I want to take the kind of pictures, which will help my children in the future to remember their childhood; what they were and how they spent their time. This is a kind of “diary of time” that is limited to the space within our home. The limited space of our apartment represents a new challenge for me as a photographer. I mean, what can you shoot in such routine conditions? The apartment itself becomes like a decorative set for all the photos in the series.

Some images look like very aesthetic stills from a movie, and some even look staged. What is it that inspires your photography?
My children are my inspiration. They are the directors of their own “cinema”. I watch and try to save these scenes. It's like daily camera work for me.

Which situations make you press the shutter button?
2ROOMS evolves as my children grow. The project is getting older and so am I. The scenes that I find exciting and interesting are also changing. Many factors can inspire the creation of a frame: the wind blowing outside the window, beautiful light or music I listen to, make me press the shutter button.

How many images did you shoot for this project so far, and is it still ongoing?
The project is still ongoing. It’s growing day by day and therefore of great value to my family and I. So far, I’ve shot dozens of films, some of which are still undeveloped.

All images on this page: © Taras Bychko
Equipment: Leica Minilux Zoom, Leica M6 TTL, Leica M8 with Summicron-C 40 f/2 and Summicron-M 50 f/2
© Taras Bychko

Taras Bychko

Taras Bychko was born in Lviv in 1987 (Western Ukraine). He graduated from law school and for some time worked as a legal advisor for a large state-owned enterprise. When his baby was born, he bought his first camera and then discovered photography. Much has changed in his life since then, but photography has him increasingly captivated. He works in the documentary and street photography genres. His work has been exhibited at several photo festivals, and has been part of many international and Ukrainian photo competitions. His pictures have been published in Burn Magazine, National Geographic, Lens Culture, 121 clicks, Bird in Flight, among others.

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