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The number of new publications increases regularly during the final months of each year; and the piles of remarkable photo books that appear on our editorial desks, grow accordingly. We have decided to present a small selection for you in two instalments.
Whether dramatic reportage photography, rich street photography, opulent still lifes or sensitive nudes, the things they share in common are photographic curiosity and passion. All the photo books are great examples for various themes, but, above all, they reveal the great diversity of visual languages. We invite you to take a voyage of discovery: without a doubt, you will find inspiration and ideas for a few Christmas gifts.
Vera Mercer, Crab, Paris 2018 © Vera Mercer
Vera Mercer, New Works. Published by Matthias Harder, with texts by Sergio Fabio Berardini and Matthias Harder. 96 pages, 40 colour and black and white pictures. 24 x 28 cm, German/English. DCV Verlag

Vera Mercer, New Works

Great still lifes following the rules of art: the new photo book by the Berlin photographer (born 1936), once again celebrates her delight in culinary themes and the staging of elaborate tableaux. Mercer's compositions capture down to the smallest details of flower arrangements, fruits, sea creatures, silverware, glasses and vases in her homes in Paris and Omaha. These lush, neo-baroque still lifes have been causing a sensation all around the world for over ten years. Some of the more recent creations seem a little more morbid and sombre, especially when she uses historic platinum to process them. In contrast, next to the delicate black and white motifs, the coloured still lifes exude brilliance. In form, her images are not dissimilar to 17th century hunting still lifes or Flemish kitchen pieces, but they are unequalled within contemporary photography. A feast for the eyes!
Untitled © Wolfgang Zurborn
Wolfgang Zurborn, Play Time. With quotes by and about Jaques Tati. 272 pages + a supplement with an interview between Wolfgang Zurborn and Bill Kouwenhoven. 240 colour pictures. 21 x 27 cm, German/English. Fotohof Edition

Wolfgang Zurborn, Play Time

Life in all its richness: the new photo book by the Cologne photographer (born 1956) with motifs taken between 2015 and 2019, takes the reader into an idiosyncratic, whimsical and often brightly-coloured world, in which the scenes and objects seem to be out of kilter and where pure chaos reigns. This photographic fragmentation of the world is typical for the photographer: radical excerpts, surprising compositions, confusing reflections or unusual perspectives determine his images. The title of the book comes from a film by Jacques Tati, that Zurborn discovered during his student days. With his humorous and, at the same time, critical way of looking at the everyday world with all its contradictions, he is a great source of inspiration. Not so much due to the culmination of a punch line, but rather to the interplay between the different pictorial levels. A wonderful surrealism – found in daily life.
Balochistan, Pakistan, 1998. Trans performer at the Sibi Mela Camel Festival, © Ed Kashi
Ed Kashi, Abandoned Moments. A Love Letter to Photography. Texts by Ed Kashi, Alison Nordström. 136 pages, 42 colour and 26 black and white pictures. 30 x 24 cm. English. Kehrer

Ed Kashi, Abandoned Moments

The latest book by the American photographer speaks of the energy of the moment and the chaotic challenges of life. Photojournalist and film maker Ed Kashi (born 1957) has been taking pictures for over forty years. His empathetic eye and sympathetic relationships with his protagonists are characteristic of his visual stories: intense and often unsparing works dedicated to documenting social and political issues. The collection of images brought together here spans four decades, and captures fleeting but unique moments overflowing with energy. When geometry, mood and opportunity merge and – without intending to – give rise to something new, then the magical, narrative power of photography allows the essential to emerge. In contrast to the photographer's usual journalistic approach, in this book Kashi abandons himself entirely to the untamed energy of the moment.
Utopia, Stuttgart 2018 © Tina Trumpp
Tina Trumpp, Seductions / Shades of Sensuality. 208 pages, 180 colour and black and white pictures. 27.9 x 34.6 cm, English/German. teNeues Media

Tina Trumpp, Seductions / Shades of Sensuality

Nude photography from a female perspective: sensual, mysterious, stylish. The artistic photographer and musician (born 1974), has been concentrating exclusively on female nude photography for about five years. She knows how to make viewers forget the present for a moment, seducing them and enticing them to enter into a fascinating world. It is almost like being transported back to the Belle Époque, when the women portrayed were glamorously presented in exquisite interiors, posing sensually in soft powdery colours and atmospheric light. The photographer's reduced nudes, where she concentrates entirely on the female body, are also powerful. Exhibitions of Trumpp's photographs have been causing a stir for a couple of years now. Now, her first large-format photo book also provides insight into her erotic fantasies.
A member of MS-13, aged 27, at the Chalatenango Penal Center © Tariq Zaidi
Tariq Zaidi, Sin Salida. 160 pages, 69 colour pictures, 20.3 x 27.7 cm. English. Gost

Tariq Zaidi, Sin Salida

A life-threatening reportage, Sin Salida (No Way Out) is the outcome of over three years of research, planning and photographic work. The London-based photographer documents the devastating impact of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang and its rival gang Barrio 18, on society in El Salvador. The country's murder rate remains one of the highest in the world. The economic consequences are enormous: in the gang-controlled areas, people live in constant fear; state protection is almost non-existent. Murders, kidnappings, extortion and death threats are part of daily life. The multi-award-winning photographer succeeded in producing a ruthless portrait of the current social situation in San Salvador. Strong, courageous images and the important testimony of a committed photojournalist.
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