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Why should our book of the month always be a hard-bound edition with pages following a specific order? The fact that things can be very different is seen in the Paris-based, British artist Christian Bragg’s new publication: I wish to see where the winds meet is more of an object than a photo book. Two rings hold the collection of pages together inserted between two heavy cardboard covers; it is only upon unfolding the individual pages that their secret is revealed. The poetic title defines the content, quickly turning this publication into an installation – which is how it can be viewed at Tumuult Studio in Berlin up until May 1, 2016.

Portraits, landscapes, urban impressions, still-lifes: this compilation is a free association of very diverse motifs. The artist has no requirements as to how or in what sequence the different formats should be placed in relationship to each other; it is only the printed sheets that offer a certain kind of order. The individual motifs represent memories of one of Bragg’s journeys. With gentle, frequently darkened black and white photographs taken with a Leica M7, the artist is documenting something like a journey of self-discovery: he considers the project a “novel written with images”, where he tells the story of his journey with visual fragments, thus allowing the viewer plenty of space for personal interpretation.

His analogue black and white photography reveal contrasts that go beyond questions of dark and light; they also reflect transformation and tranquillity, sound and silence. Memories are fleeting and Bragg’s motifs only capture very subjective, individual moments and moods. If you accept the experimental nature of the way in which the pages are linked together, then the sheets – moved by the wind – can give rise to new perceptions and meanings. In this sense, Bragg (*1979) doubts the common understanding of photography as a document or a real reproduction. With this project, he hopes to “disassociate the time and space of actuality from the photographic image, to take away what is easily identifiable by conscious recognition, and lay remnants enough for the lower consciousness to emote those re-occurrences that bring us back from later times. What innocence of memory. The sense of memory real beyond the sense of the actual. What innocence at looking.”

Those who let themselves be drawn into this visual journey will find that they have acquired an extraordinary object. The limited edition of 280 offset-printed copies can be purchased via Plac’art Photo in Paris, with the first 50 containing a signed heliogravure print. In addition, the book is also available as a strictly limited, hand-made Artist Edition encompassing 20 heliogravure prints produced by Fanny Boucher at Atelier Hélio’g – making for a very rare and exclusive collector's item.

On 7 April, Plac’art Photo in Paris will be hosting a book presentation with the artist. For further information visit Plac’art Photo

Christian Bragg
I wish to see where the winds meet
Edition: 280 copies
16 pages, including 8 in 50×50cm format and 1 25×83cm Leporello
Text by the artist in English, French and German

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