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    LFI Sonderhefte / Leica 10 × 10

    • The Project: Ten photographers, ten series – with 100 images, the 10 × 10 exhibition celebrates 100 years of Leica.

      Victoria: DOMINIC NAHR greets Robert Capa. An poignant reportage from the banks of Lake Victoria.

      Suspension: JULIA BAIER transcends René Burri. An interplay of unusual moments and idiosyncratic perspectives.

      Arctic Magic: EVGENIA ARBUGAEVA dreams of André Kertész. The magical darkness of the Polar Circle.

      Serendipity: CRAIG SEMETKO is inspired by Elliott Erwitt. Of men and dogs in the streets of India.

      Excavation: KIRILL GOLOVCHENKO in a dialogue with Lee Friedlander. Ukrainian reflections.

      Street Scene: AMADEO M. TURELLO reflects on William Klein. The timeless power of elegance and real locations.

      Mind of Winter: ALEC SOTH in the footsteps of William Eggleston. Childhood memories and traces in the snow.

      Poetry of Light: JING HUANG aligns himself with Henri Cartier-Bresson. Visual poetry in everyday life.

      Positive/Negative: THOMAS RUFF experimenting with Alexander Rodchenko. A meditation on the nature of imagery.

      Dance of Lights: SAGA SIG speaks in images to Jeanloup Sieff. Nature and structure, backdrops for the human body.

      The Photographers: An overview of all 10 × 10 photographers – their biographies and thoughts about the project.
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