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LFI-pfeil-rund MEHR INFOS

Saga Sig: Eyes on You
Trisha Ward: A.T.+T.W.
Liam Warwick: Hers, His
Kim Jakobsen To: My Girlfriend is a Vegan
Jez Tozer: Dunebug
Nicolò Terraneo: After Hours
Lorenzo Dalbosco: Fuel
Max Montgomery: Uninvited

LFI-pfeil-rund MEHR INFOS

When Rankin Met Kim: Photographer Rankin and stylist Kim Howells, visionaries behind the Youth Issue, discuss the changing landscape of British fashion.

The Photographers: Meet the photographers responsible for bringing fashion to life throughout the issue.

Eyes on You: In the first of nine fashion stories, designer Peiran Gong and photographer Saga Sig bring colour and a geometric edge to women’s tailoring.

A.T.+T.W.: Irish designer Alan Taylor and photographer Trisha Ward prove to be perfect partners in their romantic menswear story.

Hers: Milliner Keely Hunter and photographer Liam Warwick put a twist on portraiture with haute hats.

His: Photographer Liam Warwick and Jordan Bowen team up to merge the eccentric with the classic in this hat story.

My Girlfriend is a Vegan: Menswear designer Kit Neale’s unique vision and quirky sensibilities are brought to life by photographer Kim Jakobsen To.

Dunebug: Jez Tozer goes sea-side to showcase designer Shao Yen Chen’s eclectic use of texture.

After Hours: Patent leather and peepholes make Nicolò Terraneo and Eilish Macintosh’s fashion story a lesson in voyeurism.

Fuel: Photographer Lorenzo Dalbosco brings an industrial edge to Bobby Abley’s playful AW13 collection.

Uninvited: Ryan Lo and Max Montgomery team up to prove that tough girls wear pink.

The Designers: Meet the new designers emerging from London’s thriving fashion scene: Peiran Gong, Alan Taylor, Keely Hunter, Jordan Bowen, Kit Neale, Shao Yen Chen, Bobby Abley, Eilish Macintosh and Ryan Lo.

S-League: The freshest faces of modelling from Elite Model Look 2013 are shot by a host of up and coming photographers.

See full preview online: s-magazine.photography

Francesco Carrozzini: Frontiers
Ilona Szwarc: An American In America
Enrique Badulescu: Selling Like Hot Cakes
René & Radka: L.A. Noir

LFI-pfeil-rund MEHR INFOS

Frontiers: The photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini celebrates the feeling of the Wild West.

An American In America: World Press Photo prizewinner Ilona Szwarc tells an enigmatic story from New York in pictures balanced between kitsch and sadness.

Selling Like Hot Cakes: Fashion photographer and artist Enrique Badulescu ploughs his way through the clichés of US consumer culture with a mischievous glint in his eye.

L.A. Noir: René & Radka, the photographer duo, take us to downtown Los Angeles and let actors glitter glamorously in the style of the film noir era.

Photographers:Interviews with Francesco Carrozzini, Ilona Szwarc, Enrique Badulescu and René & Radka give rare insights into their ways of thinking and tell us what goes on at sets and locations.

S-League: International photographers present their most recent publications. An exhibition with the Leica S-System.

See full preview online: s-magazine.photography

Rankin: Interview
The Glow: Alain Pichon
Lock Stock: Wendy Iles
Antithesis: Kenna
Dark Matter: Raphaël Salley
The Frenemies: Tina Outen
Slick Licks: Nick Irwin
The Wilderness: Kevin Ford
Shadowed: Charlie Le Mindu
Kiss of Peace: Johnnie Sapong
The Stylists: Interviews
S-League: The Next Generation

LFI-pfeil-rund MEHR INFOS

Rankin: Interview.

The Glow: Alain Pichon.

Lock Stock: Wendy Iles.

Antithesis: Kenna.

Dark Matter: Raphaël Salley.

The Frenemies: Tina Outen.

Slick Licks: Nick Irwin.

The Wilderness: Kevin Ford.

Shadowed: Charlie Le Mindu.

Kiss of Peace: Johnnie Sapong.

The Stylists: Interviews.

S-League: The Next Generation.

See large preview online: s-magazine.photography

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